structure of skin{part 2}

Below the Epidermis lays the dermis or the ‘true skin’. The living tissues are in the dermis. The blood stream provides nutrients to the dermal layer. The dermis contains supporting tissues, which gives the skin its tone. It also contains the sweat & oil glands. The surface ends of the oil glands form the pores of the skin. They separate the serum, which is an oily, slightly acid film from the blood and deposit it on the surface of the skin. This helps to protect the skin. The sweat glands help to eliminate wastes and regulate body temperature.

Hair is found almost all over the body, with differences in length & texture in different areas. The hair root lies beneath the skin.

In the basal layer of the epidermis are the cells which produce a substance called the melanin. This determines the color of the skin. Melanin protects the skin from sun rays by doing the work of a natural sunscreen. It also acts as a protective response and helps to shield the inner layer.
Nature has designed the skin to maintain itself. However, internal factors may affect its health. When the oil glands are over-active the skin may be greasy. When they are under-active the result will be a dry skin. Or there may be a lack of moisture. That is why we should understand our skin type and rectify the imbalances, if any. So friends now we know about the full structure of the skin & I hope after reading this your skin care will become easier. Next time we will come up with the skin types.


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