Hey sorry friends actually i was pretty busy the last week. Anyways lets finish the conversation and concentrate on my next post which is all about moisturizers
As we know that moisture is the skin’s basic need and it should be present in the the skin in a moderate quantity not too much not too less which can result in dry skin or other skin problems.
So now what is a moisturizer?Simple. it is something which will supply moisture to the skin. a good moisturizer should perform these functions: provide moisture to the skin as required, it should be humectant i.e. it should attract the moisture in the air towards the skin and lastly it should be porous so that the skin can breathe. It should keep a balance between the oil and the moisture and thereby keeping the skin soft and smooth.
During aging the skin ‘s tendency to produce the natural oil reduces. as a result it also loses its ability to hold moisture. This results in wrinkles loss of elasticity and a dry rough texture. these effects can even cause the skin to age prematurely.
I would like to continue talking about moisturizers in my next post……


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    I didn't give much thought to my skin until my mid to late 20's, but I'm trying to discover what truly works for me and to keep the aging process away for as long as possible.
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    And of course don't forget to wear your sunscreen, all the moisturizer in the world won't help you if you don't protect yourself! 😉

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