EOTD & FOTD (Requested by my lovely readers)

Hi pretty and lovely ladies

Hope you all are happy at your places. Some times it feels strange and amazing that we all bloggers who belong to so many different continents and countries but are all together in our  world of blogging. Our feelings, our happiness and our passion are all attached with each other. Really it’s only possible because of Internet and blogging. Isn’t it?

Anyways today I’m here with a new activity and it’s all for you because you guys insisted me do this look. So here I have tried my new Maybelline Seashore palette on my eyes.

I have chosen only two shades with a golden one.

I took the blue shade for the inner corner of my eyelid then applied some golden shade and green shade on the outer corner of my eye lids.

I blended them with my Vega eyeshadow brush and applied black eyeliner.

I applied green shadow on the half of my lower lid and blue on the other half and then applied mascara.

When I had bought this shadow, I was not completely satisfied and didn’t know that it will give me such a great result.

Products used (eyes):

Chambor stick foundation in place of primer

Maybelline Seashore frost Quad

Lakme Desert Rose Quad (only golden)

Revlon eyeliner- Black Beauty

Loreal Extra Volume Collagene Water proof

Revlon false lashes

Vega eye shadow brush


Chambor liquid foundation

Colorbar Cosmic Rose blusher

Revlon compact powder


Colorbar+ Street Wear gloss(mixed)

Colorbar lip liner- Politely pink

Now after this look I’m completely satisfied with this product and very happy with it. But…but  but..the satisfaction will only be complete if you guys would like it. So I’m very keen to know that what do you think about this look.

Hope you all like it.

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Enjoy this week!!!


  1. October 10, 2010 / 17:45

    That's so pretty and the products you used are affordable too! Thanks πŸ™‚

  2. October 10, 2010 / 17:52

    Looking very pretty! Blue really suits u πŸ™‚


  3. October 10, 2010 / 17:58

    Looks great! You have such beautiful skin! πŸ™‚

  4. October 10, 2010 / 18:24

    I LOVEEEEEE IT!!!!!!!! u look soooo bollywood =)) pretty!

    Rinz @ miss-rinrin.blogspot.com

  5. October 10, 2010 / 18:25

    lookin pretty…
    which colorbar lipstick n gloss u used ??

  6. October 10, 2010 / 21:41

    Whoa, that looks awesome! Great job.
    I have no idea how to do even the simplest smoky eye, do you think you could post an easy tutorial sometime?
    BTW I have that Revlon liquid liner ;D

  7. October 11, 2010 / 04:19

    Awhhh, you are so pretty! The glitters are FAB! I used to dislike applying eye shadows because it would go all over the place LOL but I decided to take my time and watched as many tutorials as I could, now I'm pretty good.

    Have a fabulous one! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  8. October 11, 2010 / 05:14

    mashallah! ur smile always completes the look! xo

  9. October 11, 2010 / 05:53

    amazing eyes πŸ˜€ I dont think I can pull off wearing blue but you look good πŸ™‚

  10. October 11, 2010 / 06:11

    Those colours look so pretty on your skin tone Rakshanda..Lovely

  11. October 11, 2010 / 07:33

    Very cute!

  12. October 11, 2010 / 07:54

    this is really cute..and matching perfectly with your outfit.

  13. October 11, 2010 / 11:37

    This is very pretty , love the blue colors !

  14. October 11, 2010 / 12:39

    absolutely beautiful hun..I love it

  15. October 11, 2010 / 13:04

    AestheticAnonymous, CynthiaZ, Rinz, Christine, Sharon, Anamika, Luna, L, Nadine Natalin, G.G.G, a!ko, Sami:: Thanks a lot ladies….I really appreciate these sweet words of yours!!! Thanks a lot.

  16. October 11, 2010 / 13:10

    @Sanny: Oh that's really great…Thanks a lot.
    @Lady Gabby: Yeah sure…I'll surely do one….Just for you!
    @Bhumika: I used Colorbar Star shine & Crystalizer gloss and Street Wear 41 Bashful lip gloss. I just kinda combined them.

  17. October 11, 2010 / 18:48

    very nice! why don't you do a video tutorial nex time? you look so pretty!

  18. October 12, 2010 / 04:19

    Hey! Lovely look Rakshandha! Blue is looking so fresh and festive!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  19. October 12, 2010 / 05:32

    You look pretty in all those pastel eyeshadows. You are lucky, I just can't carry off pastel shades. They make me look washed out πŸ™‚

  20. October 12, 2010 / 11:59

    u are looking really pretty, hey i am kind of confused about the lakme desert rose quad…do let me know your views on the same…

  21. October 12, 2010 / 12:58

    Hi Rentu..thanks, yes I used the Lakme desert rose quartet but only its golden shade. I'll review it soon.

  22. October 12, 2010 / 13:04

    @ Becky: Thanks a lot hunny !!!

    @ Tanveer: Hey thanks dear! O that's bad.

    @ MagnaMater: Thanks!

    @ Many colors of happiness: Hey thanks for your lovely comment and for following me too.

  23. October 12, 2010 / 15:30

    You are so nice!!! πŸ™‚
    Your look is very sweet and amazing!
    Well done!!!

    love your blog… i'm a new follower! πŸ˜€

  24. October 12, 2010 / 17:29

    Love the look, so pretty!
    I'm following you back πŸ˜€

  25. October 12, 2010 / 20:22

    great look! i love the pretty use of subtle color
    Come Follow me xoxo

  26. October 12, 2010 / 22:29

    Your look is very pretty!!! Great job!!!

    Love NaNa

  27. October 12, 2010 / 22:47

    wow..lovely colors..I love your eyes..you remind me of Drew Barrymore. πŸ™‚
    thanks for visiting my little junk blog..I am now following your beautiful blog,hope you follow mine aswell.

  28. October 13, 2010 / 05:25

    @christine, Ambra beauty, Pretty wonderful, Leslie- A big thanks beautiful ladies.

  29. October 13, 2010 / 12:36

    Very colorful look! Matches your outfit very well =)

  30. October 15, 2010 / 12:12

    WOW! What can I say, you look STUNNING! Blue is so your color, girl! xoxo

  31. October 24, 2010 / 13:08

    Very pretty and enchanting! Thanks for visiting my blog- I am following now too!


  32. March 15, 2011 / 17:15

    thank you. u have a cool blog =) this eye look is gorgeous

  33. August 16, 2011 / 13:29

    rakshanda, u looking so pretty here πŸ™‚