Fabindia vitamin E daily moisturizing cream- Review

Hi ladies thank you so much to give your support on my new website, I’m feeling little bit alone there but I know that your love and support will continue there also inshallah!!You’ll always be with me and I’ll be there too.Today I’m going to write a review about Fabindia vitamin E daily moisturizing cream. I’ve been using this cream since the last 1 and a half months and after using this, I can tell you that it’s amazing product not only for normal and dry skin but combination skin too. What the product claims: Made with beeswax and olive oil, this daily moisturizing cream provides hydration, elasticity and nutrition to the skin.
Key ingredients: Purified water, Xanthan gum, Olive oil, Vitamin E, Allantoin, Shea butter, Beeswax
The price of Fabindia vitamin E daily moisturizing cream is 150 Net contents- 120 ml
What is my experience with this product?
My skin is normal but has been changing it’s type according to the season so i have to manage my skin care routine according to my skin.I do not have any complains with it in summer but yes it changes a little bit to oily in monsoon & I feel some dryness in winter. In Dehradun the winter is on it’s peak Lol…And I’m freezing with 2 degrees here. I know in other countries it would be even colder but as far as India is concerned this is really cold! After using it for a week I felt a nice change in my skin. I felt my skin soft and supple. I didn’t feel sticky it at all. I apply this cream after washing my face in the night and find my skin very soft in the morning. Sometime I mix it with rose water and apply.In this way I can use it in the day time also. After using it for 15- 20 days I really fell in love with this product. Why I like this moisturizing cream? It not very thick or not runny. Not sticky at all. It makes my skin really soft. I love Shamoist in summer but in winter this has worked for me. It’s totally a herbal product, the ingredients are very effective like beeswax, olive oil etc. No doubt the price is very economical. I’m sure after using one tube I have to run to the Fabindia store for buying the next tube.( I went to the Fabindia store today, bought a couple of products and I found the people very well mannered there.Till now I’d been buying some products from Delhi but this time I went to the store in my city and it was really good.) What I don’t like in this product: I don’t like the smell. the packaging of this cream is okay. It reminds me of the VLCC sunscreen’s packaging. I think it’ll not be good for oily skin girls who have much oiliness in their skin but will be useful for less oily faces. Will I buy it again? Yes,of course . Rating of this product: 4.25/5- Finally I can say that I love this product from Fabindia and I strongly recommend it to the girls who have dry or normal skin.


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    I used MAC Venomous Villains Lipstick: Innocence, Beware 🙂 xoxox

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    Nice post. Thanks for sharing your site. Vitamin E helps protect our body tissues. It prevents diseases like cancer, stroke, heart disease and more.

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    Lovely blog.. with heaps of info… !!

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    ** Marked as my next buy…. 😉 *