Love Alpha eyeshadow palette-Swatches

Hi lovely ladies Today I’m going to show you the swatches of Love Alpha palettes. I know after seeing any palette we always want to see their shades’ swatches and now I’m here with the swatches of all shades. LOVE ALPHA EYE SHADOW- M45 -02- 1-This shade is blackish green with light but noticeable shimmers.

I can use it for defining my outer corner. 2- This is redish maroon and very lovely. I can apply it oall over my lids and mix with any other light shades as well. 3- This one is very light brown and a bit of peachy in it. You can use it all over the lid or just as a highlighter.. 4- This is my favorite shade from this palette. It is a very pretty tea rose pink shade and very girly. I think every girl likes this shade. 5- This is sparkling white and a very decent lovely color. It can be used on the brow bones for highlighting them. As I had already told that the swatches are without any base or primer. So these are the swatches of this palette.

In sunlight- Here are the swatches of the second palette. Top row first- LOVE ALPHAM176-B- Top row, L-R 1. A lovely unique shade- mixture of golden and silver with a pearly finish. 2. The perfect golden shade 3. The perfect coppery shade 4. Dark brown shade Second row L-R 1. A lovely green with a mix of golden( I find it the most unique shade of the palette) 2. Dark green 3. Light coppery shade with very few shimmers(quite similar to the 4th one of the first row just a bit more light) 4. Very dark brown Blush shades-
1- This is a natural pink blush with matte finish. It’s quite similar to the Mac VV beauty powder which I have. 2- The second blush is a dark peach shade. My favorite:) Fully Blended- So these were the swatches of these to lovely palettes which I have. You can check out the review HEREHope you liked them and now what do you say?? Like them or not??


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