Aroma Magic Almond Moisturizing Lotion-Review & Photos

You all know that herbal therapy began from India. We have many great beauty experts who have been successful in discovering better treating using herbs, flowers and essential oils for our skin. Blossom Kochhar is one of the great beauty experts in our country who has given a lot to our country with her hard work and research. To be honest, in my childhood, whenever I used to see her giving any treatment to her clients on television I always fascinated on seeing her delicate hand moving on the client’s face giving them such fabulous treatments. Now it’s our good luck that we have a complete range of her beauty products for every type of skin. Today I’m reviewing an amazing moisturizing lotion from Aroma Magic which has a magical effect in itself and really works so well for me. Almond Moisturizing Lotion (Hydrating Lotion) Net qty: 120 ml Price:
Rs 130

What it claims: It hydrate, nourish and conditions the skin while correcting its natural moisture balance and restoring its youthful lustre. Leaves no trace of greasiness for all skin types.
Direction of use Use small quantities of lotion daily after cleansing and toning and also during day. Direction of use for oily skin- Mix a little water with the lotion and then apply.
Active ingredients- Extract of Almond Sandalwood Honey Wheat Germ & jojoba oils Pistachio and pure essential oils of Pistachio, Geranium, Rose and Basil Packaging It comes in a medium-sized bottle with a black tic-tac cap. The cap is quite tight so the lotion inside is very secure. The bottle is not too bulky so one will have no problem in taking it while traveling. In the mirror of my own experience At first when I opened the bottle to use, I was fascinated by its lovely smell. I can’t explain what kind of smell this lotion has. Sometime it feels the mixture of Almond & Pistachio, while sometimes it feels like Geranium and Jojoba oils mixture with different kind of other essential oils. Anyways I love the smell of this lotion. Now leave the smell, I should talk about the main topic. So girls after applying only once, I had clearly understood that this something meant for my skin.The texture of this lotion is not thick. I can’t say it runny but not even thick at all but the effect of it on my skin is amazing. Like any skin food it gets absorbed in my skin and making it soft and supple. It gives a radiant glow to my skin and amazingly not greasy at all. After using it for about 15 to 18 days, my skin has really become quite soft similar to baby skin. I used it twice a day first in the morning and then in the evening after washing my face. Whenever I wash my face in the evening I feel my skin so soft and it feels that the lotion is still on my face. So guys, I’m highly impressed by this lotion and it’ll be now an essential part of my skincare routine. I’m not sure at this moment but it seems that it would work for me even in winters. Good points The lovely smell makes you happy after just opening the bottle. The well-built texture can be applied very easily on your face and your skin can absorb this lotion very well. You would feel a clear glow on your face. It’s an ideal lotion for normal, dry and sensitive skin and gives the skin a smooth and soft feeling after just applying but it is not greasy at all. Oily skinned girls can apply it with water and get the advantage of this lotion so no need for them to be disappointed. The ingredients are great and impressive as they are purely herbal so it’s very safe for your skin.
You need to apply this lotion only once in morning and if you don’t wash your face again thoroughly for the whole day the effect of this lotion remains the same. You can feel the softness while washing your face. The main thing is that this lotion is a treasure of qualities & only in Rs 130, it’s a steal. Bad points Ohhh no, I haven’t found any bad point in this lotion. Rating 5/5 Recommendation Of course girls, you should try this precious gift for your skin from great Blossm Kochhar. Final thoughts Just one sentence about this product- It is a necessary part of my skin care routine. So ladies, have you tried this lotion? What do you think about it?Disclaimer-PR sample