Aroma magic Mineral Glow scrub-Review and Photos

Hi everyone,
As you all know that in summers we do face a common problem of blackheads with unclean pores and dead cells. So for this problem i have a something for you that is Aroma magic Mineral Glow scrub. Keep reading to find out what i think about this scrub.

What it claims?
This microderm face & body scrub cleans pores, removes oil, blackheads, dead cells & exfoliates the blockages. Reduces wrinkles, sun damage & improves texture. Skin appears lighter, brighter, smooth & glowing.

Apply onto face and body After 10 minutes, massage and wipe off . Rinse off.

Active Ingredients:
Corn, Almond, Beta Hydroxy Acids & Citrus extracts, trace elements of Zinc, Calcium & pure essential oils of Tea Tree, Rosemary & Lavender.

Net Qty:
120 g

Rs 140

It comes in a beautiful white tube with an attached red cap which is very comfortable in use and the tube is very secure enough.

In the mirror of my experience:
Due to intensive heat my skin sometimes feels a bit oily which results in the formation of white or black heads. So the first time I tried on this i was expecting something a bit rough as usually most of the exfoliating scrubs are. But I was very impressed by the fact that this scrub is such a gentle one with a mild texture. The salt granules are tiny ones are so are very gentle when rubbed onto the skin. It also makes my skin smooth and soft & does not dry it up also. So this was my experience after using it two-three times. Although I’ve tried Lotus Herbals & Himalaya scrubs too but this one is no less and i’m happy to have got many options so that i can even make a choice among them and try different ones at different times šŸ˜€

Good points:
It is a very gentle exfoliating scrub and the color of this scrub is also very pretty- light green.
It removes all the dirt and gives a clear smooth skin to you as it cleans the skin pores & gently removes the dirt and blackheads.
I have used it after coming from outside in the sun and it does reduce the sun damage.
Does not dry out the skin so can be used by dry skinned people as well. But it is best for combination-normal skin, even for oily skin.
The tube packaging with flip-flop cap keeps the scrub secure from wastage and it’s very easy to use.
The quantity is large and according to that the product is worth the price.

Bad points:
I don’t find the smell of this scrub nice. it’s kinda weird and difficult to explain. Thank God that it’s light so one won’t have much problem.

Final thoughts:
Finally I would say that that it’s a great products for everyday use and very affordable too. So don’t skip it and give it a try at least once.


So girls hope this was a helpful review!! Which is your fave scrub?? Don’t forget to share your experiences through comments!!
Have a great weekend!!

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