Stylish blogger award!!

Hey everyone!!
May’s begun and this month is supposed to be a really hot one….summers..isn’t it?? But guess what…here at my place it rained like cats and dogs today!!! But it was all really pleasant ūüėÄ

anyhow, today just wanted to share with you all an award that I received from the lovely Sumitha from bebeauty-licious!! Thanks a ton Sumitha <3

So now here’s a list of 7 beautiful bloggers whom I’m gonna tag for this award (Random order). They are some of the recent followers of my blog:

MakeupMonologue at
GenkiOriana at
Starvoula at
Graphology at
Hunny Bunny at
E-Girl at
Hussy at

Congrats ladies!!!!
Have a great weekend <3


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