Beautyuk Lip Lust- Review, Swatches & lips of the day

When we discuss about beauty and come to the lips, who can ignore the fuller plump lips of Angelina Jolie. My experience says that most of the girls want their lips to be somewhat like hers and keeping this in mind they buy their lip products. So girls your search has ended now coz today I’m here with this Beautyuk Lip Lust-Date night Beautyuk Lip Lust-Date night A moisturizing gloss that tends to make the lips more popped up, plumpy and gorgeous!!!

What it claims

Lips, lips, oh luscious lips! Richly pigmented and lightly scented gloss to bring a new dimension to any look. Flavored with papaya, mint or strawberry and applied with a soft and svelte applicator, everything about this gloss leaves you feeling all warm inside. My shade- Date night Date Night is a pretty, almost bubblegum but darker pink. It contains fragrance, which makes it smell a bit like strawberry, which may not be liked by everyone but it’s quite nice & sweet! Packaging It comes in a squeezy tube with a sponge tip applicator which makes application quite easy. Net weight 7.5 gm
Price £2.99 (Rs 180-200 approx) Other available shades There are 11 lovely shades available in this range. Envy Barbie girl Cock tail Date night Diamond Moulin rouge Office chic Oh baby Play boy St Tropez Sweet sixteen Date night
In the mirror of my own experience When I saw the shade, I fell in love with it in the first sight, because the shade was so cool, beautiful and suitable for summers. I always love pink shades. When I opened the tube the lovely, fruity strawberry smell welcomed me. Usually I don’t like any smell in my cosmetics but I love this kind of smell especially in lip glosses. During application I felt the super soft sponge like applicator from which the gloss dispensed when the tube was squeezed. The shape was like a lipstick which made it much easier to apply onto my lips. After applying the gloss, when I saw my lips, I was pleasantly surprised to see my lips’ shape. They were completely different from the other days coz they looked so popped up and plumpier. Good points I love the light smell of strawberry. The super soft sponge tip applicator makes it easy to apply the gloss on the lips. It gives a fuller and plump shape to the lips which makes it beautiful. The squeezy tube packaging is cute & very handy. Comfortably can be carried out in the purse and so travel-friendly The lasting power is good. It can stay for 4-5 hours without reapplying. The pigmentation is great. It’s not sticky at all. At this cost it’s an absolute bargain. Swatches: Bad points The biggest bad point in this is that it’s not available in India. Although it’s easily available from their website but lot of girls in India have no way to buy things online. Final thoughts Finally I love this lip gloss in every way. The quality no doubt is superb. It’s truly a lip lust. Rating 4.75/5 Recommendation I really would recommend the Lip Lust range to anyone. LOTD:
So girls you can see the swatches on my hand and see the gloss on my lips. Don’t you think it’s really giving my lips a different and fuller shape? If you want this lovely lip gloss you can buy it from their Check out beautyuk on-
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