Lotus Herbals Kiwi & Grapes Revitalizing Skin Polisher-Review

Hi lovelies, Recently I got many mails for reviewing the Lotus Herbal Skin Polisher but you see, how can I review any product without using and knowing its results by using for at least a week. But today I’ m going to review this product so your wait has ended.
What is a polisher? Sometimes ordinary face scrubs often leave some redness and rashes onto the face but polisher is a gentle option for such kinds of skin. Lotus Herbal Skin Polisher doesn’t have any abrasive effect on skin. They have ultra fine granules that tenderly clean the dead skin cells while nourishing the skin to give it flawless radiance.
Lotus Herbals Skin Polisher : Kiwi & Grapes This Reviltalizing Skin Polisher has a gel based texture with tiny, gentle granules and is meant for sensitive skin.

What it claims
Especially formulated for sensitive skin . It gently deep cleanses, tightens pores and rejuvenates skin.

Rs 155 for 50 gm & Rs 245 for 100 gm
Key ingredients Kiwi – Rich in vitamins that helps in combating free radicals and aid skin cells regeneration. Grapes – Astringent properties , cleanses, tightens pores.Skin typesFor sensitive skinHow to use it Gently apply it on moisturized skin with brisk circular movements on the face and neck. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Use twice a week for fresh and younger looking skin. Packaging

The packaging of the skin polisher is so cute. It comes in a transparent plastic jar. The new packaging is sealed with a plastic film.Also, then you open the screw cap, there is a thin plastic partition that prevents the spillage of the product. You can see the product without opening the jar. I love its packaging although it’s a bit unhygienic.

In the mirror of my own experience One can surely get impressed on seeing its color after opening the cap. I felt a fresh sort of feeling on opening it. Not only the color and texture of this polisher but the smell made me fresh and relaxed. It even looks quite yummy..isn’t it?When I applied it on my face for the first time, I loved it gentle texture. It’s really an awesome product for sensitive skin. Though I have a normal/dry skin but it’s good for me. I applied it on my face and neck and gave a circular motion massage for 3-5 minutes. Then rinsed with fresh water and patted dry with a soft towel. I felt a noticeable freshness and smoothness in my skin. It didn’t make my skin dry. I needed only a bit of moisturizer after it. I use it twice a week and I really love this polisher. In fact, I have been waiting for using this lovely product! Good points I love its fruity fragrance. Light weight and handy. The packaging is different from other scrubs. It’s a good for every day use if required. The granules are gentle and don’t scratch the skin at all. Gives a fresh feeling after applying and a clear smoothness after washing it. It’s good for normal to dry skin too. Helps in cleaning up the white and black heads. Doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients like parabens etc. I love its texture especially the green color. Different polishers are available for different skin types. Decently priced. It doesn’t sting my eyes. Bad points Though I love this new type of packaging but it’s a bit unhygienic because whenever you require dipping hands into it which can prove to be unhealthy. I always am careful about my hands being clean. Final thoughts Finally I’m satisfied with this polisher. I love using Lotus Herbal’s scrub but this one is a good option for a change. Lotus Herbals always launching new products for skincare and most of them prove to be good and impressive.Rating3.90/5Lotus Herbals Skin Polisher is available for ‘all skin types’ as well as for ‘oily/combination skin type’. Have you tried any? What do you think about it?Disclaimer-Product sent by PR