Lancome Teint Miracle foundation- Review, Swatches , FOTD+ First Video

Hi beautiful ladies,

We all know that spotless and flawless skin is not gifted to everyone. We all bring along a soft and spotless skin at our birth time but with the cruelty of time and atmosphere most of us lose our birth skin. Sometimes some hormones of our own body are responsible for pimples, blemishes and spots. We try to reduce them by a good diet, some times medical help some creams and lotions but it takes a long way to get rid off. When we start makeup, we all want an instant way to get a flawless skin and then our foundations work for us. But which foundation? There are many foundations available in our market but it’s so difficult to choose the right one. Which one can give us not only a flawless look but remains light weight on our face? We have only some choices left now and today I’m going to introduce you the most perfect foundation for getting a spotless and satin skin look which is the just true as it’s name: Lancôme Teint Miracle foundation.

Net weight

30 ml


Rs 2700


A beautiful slim & sleek glass bottle of 30 ml. Has a glad cap & it is a pump out bottle. Very handy & should be kept safe while carrying around coz it’s made of glass. The pump makes it very easy to take out the required amount.

In the mirror of my own experience

When I first applied it, the words which came out after seeing its result on my face were…wow it’s just perfect. I have used many foundations but only some foundations could impress me. A lot of bottles are still waiting to use them after using one or two times because they are not right choice for my skin tone. Some of them are so heavy after applying of course they gave the good coverage but I hate to apply a foundation plaster on my face. Some were light weight but their shades couldn’t match from my skin tone. I have usually been wearing Revlon Colorstay foundation because it’s really a light weight, only on some occasion I wear its PhotoReady foundation because it’s a bit heavy. But after applying this one I have to realize that it’s not only so light in weight but also gives a great coverage to my skin. I wore it at a function which was from morning to late evening. The whole day I never felt that I had applied something on my face and after reaching home I was surprised to see that the effect of the foundation was just same as morning. I poured cold water two or three times during the day but there was not an inch of difference in the effect of my foundation. It is totally oil free, but in spite of that it doesn’t make the skin dry. I felt a natural moisture in my skin. I can’t express my feeling after wearing it. It’s really a water proof foundation; I realized it while I was washing my face.

At first I tried to remove some foundation with a wet cotton wool but I was amazed to notice that not a tinch of stain of foundation was on the cotton wool, hey..that was not the end of its miracle because it got removed very easily using my Liz Earle cleanser. What else should we want from a great foundation, like this-amazing coverage to hide any imperfections on our skin, miraculously light weight, water proof & oil-free, yet removes easily using a good cleanser! So I don’t think you need anything else from this magical bottle?

Good points

The packaging is so stunning like a cute perfume bottle, very handy and still safe and secure.

It’s a pump out bottle so you can get your required amount after pressing the pump very easily.

A little quantity will be enough for getting a good coverage.

It has a very high coverage foundation. Conceals all the spots of the skin. I don’t require a concealer after applying this foundation.

I can find an even, unified and flawless skin without the feeling of something heavy on my face. It’s amazingly very light weight that sometimes I feel as if I’m only wearing my moisturizer on my face. It gives an oil free, natural moist skin.

It’s great for all types of skin, if you have so much oily skin you only have to do to apply a good pressed powder after applying it.

It’s completely water proof; I don’t need to worry about it fading out neither from sweating, getting wet in rain, nor by pouring cold water on my face.

On blending

I can remove it very easily with any good cleanser. I only need to apply a good cleanser on my face, massage gently and then remove it with a moist cotton wool. I only need a face wash or foaming cleanser for removing my arrogant eye liner & mascara.

The cost of this foundation is worth its infinite qualities.

You can really get a miraculous foundation after buying it.

This is how it looks on me

Bare face

Using Lancome Teint Miracle foundation

Bad points

I didn’t find any bad point in this foundation. It’s marvelous!




I highly recommend this great foundation to my readers and visitors. You need just once a try the rest of thing you’ll feel yourself.

Purchase it again?

Of course, I would love to purchase it again and again.

Final thoughts

Now what i feel is that nothing’s left to say now or rather write now….in short & sweet- Fabulous & Perfect!!!!

Finally here is a small video showing how i apply my Lancome teint Miracle foundation!

So girls, what do you think about this foundation? Have you used it ever? What do you say? In my opinion, your views are not different from me but I would love to read your thoughts in your words. Don’t forget to share with me through the comment section!

Disclaimer- Product sent by PR, honest review