Ellis Faas- A family Affair

A family affair

Ellis: “As a late teenager, I visited the Tate Gallery in London and
was blown away by a Francis Bacon triptych. It made a great impression
on me because of the use of colour – it was unnerving and stunningly
beautiful at the same time. Bacon inspired many experiments I did over
the years. I now think it has become something of my own and hasn’t much
to do with Bacon any more.”

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now to also watch a new film made by Ellis. We call the film “A Family
Affair” because Ellis shot the film in her own house, using my face (I’m
Ellis’ brother) as the canvas, while my niece (Ellis’ daughter) Flavia
composed and recorded the accompanying music. You will find the film on
the opening page of our website and it’s also on our YouTube-channel. Enjoy, and do feel free to like, share, embed and all of that!

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