Shape up your brows with Sleek Makeup’s Brow Kit

Well shaped and beautifully defined brows are not gifted to everyone. Some of us have brows which are either too thick or too thin. But we do try & give them shape sometimes by threading and sometimes by filling our brows with a brow pencil or powder. A brow kit should be an essential part of our makeup kit. Trust me, I had wished once while reviewing the Sleek Makeup’s Nude collection that how nice it would be if Sleek Makeup produced a brow kit, they have given a lot of incredible eye shadow palettes for our eye makeup, a brow kit could complete their eye makeup range and I’m happily surprised guys after hearing the news about their brow kit….hahaha..I think they can hear what you think..Isn’t it?

Sleek MakeUp Brow Kit

It’s a compact kit containing all the essential things for defining the brows.

What Sleek Make up Says….

Sleek Makeup’s Brow Kit is the ultimate tool for perfect brows every day of the week.

Brows have become one of the central emphases in daily beauty regimes; no longer is plucking the be-all-and-end-all of brow grooming.

This kit is small enough to fit in your handbag, & comes in 2 shades, Light & Dark, & includes: shaping wax, setting powder, mini tweezers, & angle & blending bushes.







The packaging is very compact and the kit is very handy & travel-friendly. The outer packaging is a gray carton with the contents of the kit shown. Inside we find a small black box which is very similar to the one of Molten Metal. Inside that are included the powder, wax & other tools.


This kit contains:

Setting powder

Shaping wax

Angled brush

Blending brush

Mini tweezers


The setting powder has a powdery texture while the shaping wax is creamy. Both are very pigmented & work perfectly!!

How to use

After plucking stray hairs from in-between & underneath the brow, you’re ready to use the Brown kit.

 Here’s how:

1. Brush the brows in an upward direction with a brow brush to loosen the hairs & prep them for application.

2. Apply the shaping wax with the hard, angled brush following the natural shape of your brow to define the brows’ shape.

3. Using the setting powder, apply across the brow sparingly to fill any gaps & create a fuller brow.

In the mirror of my own experience

Till now I hadn’t taken defining & shaping the brows too seriously as my brows have been in quite a good shape. But then since the past few months after seeing the gorgeous brows of some bloggers I had thought of trying to shape up mine as well. So for that i used to use an eyebrow pencil which used to work quite well. But still a nice brow kit was something that i was always in search of…I thought of trying the Ardell one but then due to some reasons didn’t. 

Sleek Makeup was so kind enough to send me this perfect kit for the brows. The setting powder fills in perfectly within the brows making them fuller & the wax gives them the beautiful shape & definition. The tweezers are really good for plucking out the extra protruding hair (if any). The kit comes in two shades, light & dark & the one suitable for my brows is Dark. The shades match with my brow color & give them the beautiful shape which I’d always wanted!
 This is something which everyone should get their hands upon & carry along!

Good points

The brow kit contains all the essential tools for defining the brows.

Comes in two shades so suitable for many brow colors. 

Both powder & wax are very pigmented.

Very decently priced.

Handy packaging.

Bad points

None in particular.

Some pics showing how I define my brows using this kit

Bare brows
Fill in the pigmented wax

Then the setting powder
Final look


Finally, I would say that this is a must-have for me & for all those who wish for well-defined brows. It contains so many important things for the brows in a very compact form!! The tools make it’s use very easy & simplified!




I’ll strongly recommend this brow kit to everyone who wants their bows to be in perfect shape. This kit launches on 26th October so you won’t have to wait long!!

Disclaimer- Product sent by PR