And I was in a strange situation with just five things in hand….

days ago, I had to face an interesting situation in my life, which
taught me to do my makeup with some limited cosmetic products which at
that time were present in my purse. Actually a few days ago we ( my
hubby & I) decided to go for a long drive because the weather was so
beautiful that day but while we are on our way, he remembered that he
got an invitation from a colleague to a small get together party..oh it
was really a strange situation. Our dresses were okay for a small party.
I was in a black outfit but was without makeup as usual…at first I
refused to go but then calmly looked inside my purse too see if there
was anything useful and finally I got very few things which were not
enough even for a simple makeup. But then I got an idea came to my mind
and I decided to do some experiment. I did my makeup only with five
things which I got in my purse. W,hen I saw my final look in the hand
mirror, I was satisfied and we went to the party. Trust me, everyone in
the party appreciated my simple makeup which was really wonderful for
me. After getting back home I saw myself in the mirror again and decided
to share my experience with my lovely readers by showing  them with a
picture tutorial step by step. In this post I have tried to show how I
did my makeup with these five products in my car. I hope you’ll enjoy
this post and learn something. I have a request too, if you too have
faced a situation like me, please share your experience with the readers
& how did you face that situation successfully.

 Firstly I applied a foundation. I’ve used Ellis Faas Skin Veil foundation here. Using the brush which is provided with the pen I blended the foundation.


 Then I covered the dark circles under my eyes with using a concealer. I used EllisFaas skin concealer.

 After that I used my main tool I mean my blush which did the three main things. This is the Ellis Faas S301 that I used. First I used it as blush on my cheeks. Applied in small dots on my cheeks…

 Blended with my finger tips properly.

 Then I took second work that my blush did was applying it on my eye lids as an eye shadow. I know it’s not actually its work but sometimes we just have no choice. I applied the blush  in a little amount on the lids and the blended them with my finger tips well.

Then I applied black eye liner. I used Rouge Bunny Rouge black eyeliner


Then applied a black mascara on my lashes. Luckily had my DOL Movie Magic mascara that time.

Full eye makeup.

 Now the third duty of my blush!!! I applied it on my lips as a lip color.

 And…Its done. I wore my ear rings and loosened my hair and gave them some volume with my fingers.

 Now I’m ready to go anywhere…so where do you want me to go?

Products used:

So, ladies, what do you think about this makeup? Would you like to try something like this (or maybe you someday you’ll have to try something like this)???