Another chic dress from!!!

Hey lovelies,

the weather is changing and I’m suffering from cold but I know that all
my readers would be waiting for a new post on COB so I have come here a
quite interesting post. I have written my shopping experience with Wholesale and I was surprised to see that everyone extremely liked that post.
I’m here with the other dress from that website which is really pretty
and I love it. 

Chic Design Fake Two Pieces Dress With Belt Rose

This is a rosy pink- black combination chic design fake two pieces dress with belt. The design and style makes it really gorgeous.






The quality

quality is superb. The fabric is soft and comfortable. No need of much
iron, only a light touch of iron makes it tender. I haven’t seen much
wrinkles on the cloth. Easy to wash. I love the quality.  


fitting, In fact it’s really a free size fitting & it’ll look good even if you have a healthy figure. The fabric is stretchable so the
fitting is perfect. 

In the mirror of my own experience

love its style, as soon as I saw it on website picture, I started
drooling over it. The style is really decent along with the modernity. I wore
this dress recently for a kitty party and as I expected, everyone in the
party noticed my dress and kept asking as to from where I had bought this
dress. Sometimes these small things make you tremendously blissful. I
felt very comfortable because the fabric of this dress is soft and
smooth. The belt is provided with the dress but unfortunately in my case, they forgot to send the belt along & thus I’ve used my own for the outfit. But altogether, I’m really impressed with the quality and style.

Good Points

Stylish and comfortable.

Easy to wash & it does not get wrinkled much. 

The fabric is soft

Fitting is superb

Easy to buy

You get your things very safely and quickly. 

The cost is very reasonable.

Bad points

The color of the dress is a bit different,but i like this color too!!!


highly impressed with this dress. I love both my dresses from
but this one is my favorite. Apart from the slight color difference, I
didn’t notice any difference in this dress. Everything is almost the same. I
want to buy more and more from here.




 I would surely recommend you to get hold of this gorgeous piece & I’m sure you’ll love it too!!


 Available at HERE