Auravedic products from Beaute Naturelle

India now has  many online shops for Indian customers that has made  shopping a pleasure. Some of them
are so convenient to shop that after shopping, you don’t need to go out shopping anywhere else. I have shopped from many shopping websites and for me, now
the meaning of shopping is just clicking and order for what I
need. Today I’m going to introduce you to a new and different website Beaute Naturelle where you can find many good and natural brand’s products. The website’s
main intention is focusing on nature and natural products for its customers. If
you know me and are a regular reader of my blog you would be knowing that I always
love to use natural products especially for my skin and heartily wanted for a
shopping website from there I can get all the natural products for my skin care.

A few words about Beaute naturelle

Beauté Naturelle is an elegant Internet boutique that brings an eclectic, hand-picked
range of wonderfully effective, natural and organic beauty/personal care products
under one roof. Our focus is pure beauty without chemicals, animal testing and ill
effects on the environment.

Beauté Naturelle is French for “natural beauty”. It personifies all that is fresh,
natural, and effortlessly stylish across all ages.

Beauté Naturelle was born out
of pure passion, entrepreneurial fire-in-the-belly and serendipity. Founded
by Meghana Chaudhary-Joshi (Meg), Beauté Naturelle merges Meg’s biomedical background
with a belief in the power of Nature-inspired personal care. 

For further info- HERE

I was kindly sent a few products by Meg & everything came in this sturdy, eco-friendly & re-usable newspaper bag which has been made by a trust that provides employment to the handicaps. How nice of them!!!

Out of those products, today I’ll be reviewing this Auravedic lip balm…read on to find out what I think about this!

What  Aura Vedic says….

Pure fruit  essential Lip balm created with all natural ingredients and
 soothing cocoa butter heal and hydrate lips. Free of petroleum and
chemicals, each ingredient has been carefully selected  for its
traditional healing abilities.


8 gms


         Rs 100         


The packaging is quite simple & similar to that of Himalaya Lip butter. Round in shape it comes in a small container. On opening the lid, you’ll find a plastic cap which keeps the contents safe.


Beeswax, Kokum butter, Coconut oil, Pomegranate oil and Jojoba oil


Has a creamy texture, you don’t need much to moisturize your lips.

 Lasting Power

The only problem which I have to face with a lip balm is their lasting power,most of lip balms have the same problem not lasting much on the lips and lips start to dry up very quickly and I think the difference in a lip balm and in a lip butter is that a lip butter has much lasting power so that I always prefer to use a lip butter in comparison of a lip balm. I love its lasting power because it lasts 4 to 5 hours easily on my lips which is really great.

In the mirror of my own experience

Our lips always need something which can keep the lips soft and smooth because the skin of our lips is Very delicate and thin in comparison to the skin
of other parts. If cold wind makes it dry and chapped then the warm and hot wind effects it too. Our lips skin needs something which can make it soft but according
to the weather. In cold, we need something much rich for our lips but in summer
something which would make it soft but not be much thick in texture. After
applying this lip butter, I think it would be effective not only in the summers
but also in cold winters too. It gives a lovely shine to the lips but doesn’t make it
oily. It makes lips soft from inside. I have been using this lip butter since 2
to 3 days and I got it truly effective for my lips. As I apply it on my dry
lips, they begin to turn out to be supple and soft for at least 4 to 5 hours
without reapplying so it’s a really effective formula for the lips. The natural
and valuable ingredients make it more special. I’m happy to find another
natural effectual product for my lips. I have used a few other products from AuraVedic and found them very good and effective so this one is too really outstanding.

Good points

Simple and secure packaging. Easy to carry out.
The texture is soft and very easy in applying.
Lovely smell.
Starts uts work just after applying on the lips and makes them soft quickly.
Doesn’t make the oily even in this season.
The formula contains some valuable ingredients and really effective for lips.
Lasting power is good.
The cost is pretty reasonable to see its quality

Bad points

Packaging is quite simple not very stylish.
The texture is not enough thick for super dry lips especially in winters.


I’m very happy with the quality of this lip butter. After using it I’m satisfied about the effect which it has given to my lips. It not only makes the lips soft and supple but also lasts long and keeps my lips moist for a long period which I really love. The cost is really reasonable and affordable. The other thing about which I want to write something is the service of the Beauty Natural which is amazing. The products which you purchase from there reach so quickly and very safely and in this way that it shows that they have sent the product with affection and love and this thing has really impressed me a lot. I’m sure it’s an amazing shopping website from where shopping will be a pleasure.




I want to recommend to my lovely readers and friends to shop from this lovely website because not only they have wonderful and pure natural products but their service is incredibly impressive.


You can purchase this lip butter from Beaute Naturelle very easily and your products will reach very quickly to you and very safely.