Rouge Bunny Rouge new eyeshadow keepers & Nest of Plenty Look- Press release

The most awaited…Rouge Bunny Rouge has finally launched it’s duos & trios along with various shades of single shadows!!! Apart from that they have created an amazing look- Nest of Plenty!!! Take a look:

Nest of Plenty


With a sense of nostalgia and finest grace we introduce
“Nest of Plenty”, a look with emphasis on a light smoky eye. Pale lilac and
blue-grey tones are complemented with a touch of blush for the cheeks to add
definition; a soft nude complexion and pale lips make the look wearable
throughout the day.

products used for this look

Now let’s take a look at the gorgeous newly launched shades!!!

With the “Nest of Plenty” look we also reveal our refillable
pallet concept with a Duo and Trio Eye Shadow Keeper. 

Alongside the Keepers we
offer six new shades and three bestselling colours in RBR´s beloved
Long-lasting Eye Shadow texture.

Trumpeter Koel

Bohemian Waxwing

Lilac Reef Curassow

Umber Firefinch

Olive Violeteare

Golden Rhea

I’m so excited to try these new shades!!! I’m sure you too are 🙂