Illamasqua’s gorgeous new blues, Cameo and Noble

Illamasqua says:

You may have heard about our gorgeous new blues, Cameo and Noble –
both fresh, bright blues to add to our cult nail collection. If you can
choose a favourite between the two of them I’ll be very impressed, as I
just can’t make my mind up! Both launched over the weekend on

We are also REALLY excited to announce that we are bringing Raindrops back!
You may remember Raindrops from it’s origins as one of three Illamasqua
Nail Varnish Competition winning varnishes back in 2010. It was a
Limited Edition varnish and has since escalated to cult status online,
fetching upwards of £60 on Ebay! Well, we listened to your feedback [and
some of you have been very vocal!] and we are bringing it back early 2013…



Which shade do you like??