Loreal INOA Color Care Range

Professionnel, the pioneer of professional haircare technology, always aspires
to deliver products best suited to your requirements. Thanks to extensive
research and collaborations with hair experts you can trust, L’Oréal
Professionnel is arguably the most trusted salon brand today.

2010, we ushered in a new era in hair color technology by launching INOA, the
revolutionary ammonia-free, odor-free hair color. And now, we bring to you the
INOA Color Care Range to protect and maintain the intensity and shine of your
colored tresses!

INOA Color Care Range is an at-home follow-up treatment recommended by leading
hairstylists, entirely dedicated to maintain your hair color and protect your
hair from damage. It protects the natural lipids of your hair, making them look
alive and vibrant.

following color care products are integrated into the INOA hair color service:


INOA Color Care Shampoo

INOA Color Care Shampoo, a protective cream shampoo for INOA color treated
hair, is a perfect blend of Argan oil and Green tea extracts.  It is a totally sulfate-free, gentle cleansing
base that replenishes your lipids and protects the outer layer of you INOA
colored hair. During application the shampoo transforms itself into rich creamy
lather giving an unprecedented sensory experience.
250 ml for Rs 1000

INOA Color Care Masque-

INOA Color Care Masque is a
rinse-out, on-surface protective conditioning masque for INOA color treated
hair. It intensely nourishes your hair and protects the color making it last
long. The masque will leave your hair silky and hydrated, with an unprecedented
radiant shine.

gear up for an ultimate sensorial experience for your INOA colored hair, not only
in-salon but also at home with the INOA Color Care Range, tailor-made for your
200 ml for Rs 1200