Maybelline NY 14 Hr Superstay lipstick- Eternal Rose (review, swatches & FOTD)

After using the Mabelline NY 14 Hours Superstay lipstick Consistently truffle # 040 I was happy with the quality but quite disappointed with the color that I got. I eagerly wanted to get hold of some other colors that suit would me. And at last I got my favorite shade among this collection and that is Eternal Rose.

I’m very happy with this shade and now I’m reviewing this lovely lipstick.

I have written about the packaging in my previous post so don’t want to go
over it again. I just want to say that it could have been more elegant than it is. The positive
thing of the packaging is that it’s quite convenient to select the shade out if
you have more than one shade in your bag because the bottom half is the same
color as the shade.


Eternal Rose is a
gorgeous vivid rose pink shade
. Its not too warm or cool, just a very
balanced, pleasant pink. I think it’ll work well for a lot of skin tones, It’s not
fuchsia just a stunning pink shade which can make your lips plump up like rose.
Eternal Rose will be a beautiful color for spring when you find rose pink flowers blooming everywhere, truly feminine .
Even in summers it’ll not be an uncomfortable shade because it’s gonna give a youthful freshness to your face in the hot weather. 

The lipstick has a smooth texture, intense pigmentation. It is soft and silky. Though, it
doesn’t feel very comfortable on the lips when it starts fading after 7 to
8 hours, something common to many long stay lipsticks. One cannot wear these
without moisturizing and exfoliating the lips as the lipstick tends to dry a bit
especially if you have dry and chapped lips. 

The lipstick has a matte
finish. It’s not dry matte, but pretty creamy on my lips. It’s not transfer-proof
so you should be a little careful while kissing and drinking. The lipstick also
has a strong fruity scent which is loved by many!!

Overall, I’m satisfied with this formula and very happy to
find my right shade. The only caution
you should keep in your mind if you wish to wear this lipstick for a long time,
to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying this lipstick.
If you
remember these things, you will be happiest person with this lip color.


Rs 525/ £6.99


Available at all Maybelline Counters throughout the country & also online!

COB Rating– 4.5/5

 Have you tried any of these lipsticks from Maybelline NY??