Shahnaz Husain Shascrub- A must have for summers

I always love using Shahnaz Hussain’s products and they have always been a part of my skincare regime. These days I’m using a number of SH products like moisturizer, nourishing cream, face packs and face scrubs. Today I’m going to review Shahnaz Hussain’s Shascrub Walnut Face and Body Scrub.

Face and body scrubs are an essential part of our daily routines especially in summers. The weather is becoming hot and dry. You have to face dust, pollution and hot sun rays, in this situation, a mild face wash, a face scrub and a good and strong  sunscreen are must haves in your handbag. I don’t like hard face scrubs that make my skin dry but still I need one which can give maintain balance between oil and dryness. Shascrub is a mild but still powerful face scrub which works well on my skin.

It always better to use a natural product full of useful natural ingredients for our skins. Shascrub is completely natural and is made with all natural ingredients that are beneficial for our skin.


Shascrub comes in cool light green packaging box with Shahnaz Hussain signature & inside the box you get a round beautiful jar in the same shade. On opening the cap with the signature of Shahnaz Hussain,  we find a white plastic lid on the mouth of the jar. I found the packaging absolutely beautiful and secure. It’s not a tube packaging so not very travel friendly, but even though slightly heavy; can be carried along.

The scrub has a thick consistency and it has very mild smell, something like walnut and clay. The texture is thick and a bit shiny. I use it once a week after cleaning my face with a cleanser or face wash. I apply it on my wet skin, all over the face and neck, then give a gentle massage for five minutes in circular movements. Not necessary to avoid the eye area because this scrub is completely natural full of all useful ingredients like walnut along with date extracts etc, apart from it, it’s mild and not hard so I can apply it on and around my eyes area even during facial too. 

After massaging I wash my face with fresh water or wipe the scrub with a moist cotton ball. I apply cold rose water for toning my skin after scrubbing and then moisturize it. The effect is really impressive every time. My skin feels rather refreshed and cleansed deeply. The granules are balanced to exfoliate the skin very gently. I had some tiny black heads on my nose that have completely disappeared now. I have noticed a clear glow in my skin since I started using it. In this season, it’s really an essential part of my skincare.

If you are using it during facial, massage to your face for about 15 min with a very gentle hands. You can notice some instant effect just after washing your face but if you want a long effect, use it for at least one month or so.

Finally, I’m very very impressed with this scrub. It works very well on my skin. It’s a natural mild scrub which is really great on my face. I think if you have a combination skin, normal or dry skin, it’s a good choice.

PRICE- Rs. 500 for 40 ml

AVAILABILITY- Available at all Shahnaz Hussain clinics and leading stores


Have you used this scrub? What do you about it? 

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