Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin blush(Orpheline)- review, swatches

The weather has become pleasant here in my city. It’s apparently cooler due to the rains & lack of sunlight throughout this week.Today in this pleasant weather I’m here with a beautiful product from Rouge Bunny Rouge about which you all are aware that it’s one of my favorite brand of cosmetics. 

I had purchased this blush some time back and had been using it on my face on many occasions and it has become one of my favorite blushes these days. 

I would just write a short note on the packaging because you all are aware about its packaging.  It comes in a black packaging  full
of beautiful white flowers on one side and the RBR hologram other. Inside the black box, we find a
round shining black compact case with white pretty flowers on the top.
When we open the round box, we find a shining mirror, blush in
the pan and…….and again some flowers, now on the top of Blush!

No wonder, I find it outstanding!

 Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush ‘Orpheline’ is a medium, warm strawberry shade with an illuminating radiance and it’s really very nice in hot summers. It gives a rosy pink glow to your face which looks beautiful.

texture is smooth and buttery. Blends on the skin like silk. It’s so
velvety on the skin you will love to apply it again and again. It’s so
light weight that after blending the shade looks like a part of your skin.

 The illuminating formula of this blush is what I wish all
my blushes had.  It gives me the best glow ever without looking
shimmery or glittery in the least.  I just  have some apart from this that can give this effect.  I just love how this looks on the skin, like
you’re just radiating health.  The color
doesn’t hurt either – it’s a gorgeous Rosy pink that comes close to how
my skin looks when I flush naturally.  I have RBR Original Skin Blush ‘Florita‘ which is a bit deep but Orpheline is so finely milled and so soft that anyone can wear it. 

impressed by the lasting power of this blush. It can last on your face
for about 7 to 8 hours easily. In summer It would last for about 6 to 7 hours on my skin so the
staying power is amazing. 



Look how the color doesn’t wash away even when washed after a couple of hours


Finally, Orpheline is a Wonderful, beautiful shade that I am pleased as punch to own!  I really
love how it gives my skin such a natural lit-from-within look, and the
tone, it is just perfect with my skin. I would love to recommend it to my friends and readers, maybe at first look it seems a bit expensive but once you started to use it, you will be an admirer of this product. I’m sure about it!



Price –  €28.00


From the RBR online boutique