The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturising cream- Review

The weather is changing now and my skin texture always changes according to the weather. I wanted to change my daily skin products so I bought some products recently, today i’m going to review the The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturising cream ,which i find an ideal cream for light winters!


Vitamin E – Is a naturally powerful and one of the best antioxidants that help protect the skin against damaging environmental elements, such as the sun, pollution and cigarette smoke. Helps neutralise free radicals, which are destructive molecules that attack cell.

In the mirror of my own experience

I had used this cream back in summer but being of a thick consistency i had to use it with rose water to make its texture thin. But for these days, the problem no longer exists & I have been using this cream alone and I’m satisfied with it’s result. I’ll share my experience about it but before that I want to write about some other details of this moisturising cream from TBS.


The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturising cream comes in a light pink plastic tub jar with black lid on it. It’s a simple but still an attractive packaging. Though I’m not a fan of a tub packaging but it’s very light weight so it’s perfect for travelling. 

Texture and smell

The consistency of this moisturising cream is neither thick nor thin so for me it’s great in beginning of winter because I felt the consistency of this cream is a bit thick in summer and Monsoon and thin during the peak  of chilly and dry weather. But I think in plain areas It’ll be perfect during winter too. It has a pleasant smell that fades away after some time but I love it’s smell.

Application & Effect

I have been using this cream in the morning after cleaning my face. In summer, a small quantity was enough for the whole face and neck area but these days I need generous amount for that. The cream gets absorbed very quickly and feels very light on my skin.  I usually rub it gently onto my skin, then pat it a few times to ensure that the product is fully absorbed.  My skin becomes dry in winter and it needs quite a lot of moisture because Dehradun city is a valley and has a freezing weather during Dec/Jan so for those days I don’t think this cream will work perfectly for my skin but love it using these days. I really love its effect on my skin. I notice much softness and glow in my skin after using this cream. I don’t think using any cream can give your skin a miracle effect, the effect comes with many factors like what your life routine is, your diet etc. So i think it’s good cream for daily use but I need another cream for coming the chilly days with a bit heavy moisturising texture. 

Good points

The packaging is good for travelling.

The not-too-intense moisturising does a great job for me in the beginning of winters.

The texture is not thick to it feels very light weight after application. If you have normal skin that does not dry up too much during the winters you can certainly go for this!

Gives a soft and supple effect.

 Moisturises well but never feels greasy.

Lovely smell like a baby lotion.

Bad points

I hate the tub packaging, it’s not healthy and hygienic for skin but don’t know why companies prefer such packaging.
Not perfect for the extremely dry weather.
It’s a regular moisturizing cream not very impressive.
Quite pricey.


Finally, I can say that I’m satisfied with this cream but perhaps not too impressed. I had heard good things about TBS’s products but this cream did not give as result as I expected. Maybe I was expecting much, it’s a good regular moisturiser but I think you can get many other such moisturising creams in India.


INR 995


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