Ellis Faas Glow Up Illuminator- Review and Swatches

Do you use a highlighter? It’s a funny question because if you are a makeup lover and skilled in art of makeup, you know how important it is. I have many highlighters in my makeup box and recently a new facial highlighter was able to achieve a very special position in there. As you all know, a couple of months back, December, to be precise, Ellis Faas launched a new product – Glow Up a facial illuminator & today I’m going to review that very highlighter.

Ellis Faas Glow up highlighetr review

What company says…

Glow Up’s glide-on application gives a velvety feeling due to its micronisation technology. Glow Up also helps protect the skin from the environment because it contains vitamin E. No parabens. No oils. No animal testing. 


Ellis Faas Glow up highlighter review

In the mirror of my own experience 


Ellis Faas Glow up highlighter review

 Ellis Faas Glow Up comes as pans that you can place in the given case. The Ellis Case priced $12.50) is the portable version of the Ellis Holder for pressed powder.  The Ellis Case is silver in color with a screw-on top lid.  Though it’s a bit heavy but  I’m sure you won’t mind that. You get a shiny mirror on the top of the case which is really great because you always need a good mirror for applying highlighter. The case it beautiful and will become an essential object in your handbag.

The highlighter pan goes right into the case, and is held in place with a light magnet. If you want to replace your highlighter with a new one., you can pull out the pan easily.  It also comes with a sponge applicator that fits perfectly on top of the pressed powder highlighter, and I actually like the way Glow Up applies with the sponge. It creates a more concentrated but still subtle illumination.  A large fluffy brush creates a wonderful soft focus effect.

Ellis Faas Glow up highlighter review

Ellis Faas Glow up highlighter review

Ellis Faas Glow up highlighter review


Glow Up comes in three different shades.  They are all beautiful and every shade has its own color strength each shade can work on pretty much any skin color.

S501 is Porcelain Glow.

  This is a soft champagne .

S502 is Satin Glow.  

This is a warmer golden glow.

S503 is Deep Glow.

 It has more brownish touch to it than the other shades, and on fair skins this can prove to be a great contour shade.

I’m reviewing of S502 is Satin Glow that is a perfect shade for my skin tone. 

Texture & Pigmentation

The texture of the Ellis Faas Glow Up is silky-smooth and creamy. It’s extremely soft like butter.  It glides onto the skin smoothly like my skin touching a soft velvet. I can feel the softness of this highlighter while applying.It feels very creamy when applied. You don’t need any effort to spread the highlighter on the skin because it’s very light weight too. The highlighter is refined with a superior quality. It’s highly pigmented and has complete color payoff. It can be built up for superior intensity but doesn’t make your face glittery, just gives a healthy glow to it.

Ellis Faas Glow up highlighter review

Application & Effect

I use this highlighter on my cheek bones, tip of the nose. But on a special occasion when I want some extra glow on my face I apply a tiny amount of the highlighter on the chin and a bit on both sides of my forehead in a very gentle way and blend it into my skin. You can apply it on your shoulder, arms and all the areas of your body to which you want to highlight. It gives a really beautiful healthy effect. It makes the skin look luminous without any dryness or powdery build up, no matter how much you put on. You won’t find any extra-glitter particles in it. The effect which you get after wearing it, looks quite natural and dewy. You can wear the highlighter on both day and night occasions. It gives your face a healthy radiant,sun-kissed glow.

Lasting power

It has an amazing staying power. It stays graciously for 7 to 8 hours before any fading without any primer. With a primer, it can last even upto 10 to 11 hours. If you have oily skin, I’ll suggest applying a good primer before using any highlighter especially in summers. 

Good points

Beautiful, classy and firm packaging 
A wide mirror provided with the case makes application very easy.
The sponge applicator gives great help in application. 
The texture is silky smooth and creamy.
It glides onto the skin smoothly.
Gives your face a natural and glamorous glow.
There are not any glitter particles in it.
The lasting power is just amazing.

Bad points

Not available in India

Ellis Faas Glow up highlighter swatches

Ellis Faas Glow up highlighter review


Finally, I’m in love with this highlighter. No doubt, it’s the best highlighter I have ever used . What makes Ellis Faas Glow Up amazing is that you can apply this highlighter without any fear of being all glitters during day time. Ellis Faas is a world famous makeup artist and knows very well how much flush effect our face needs. I would love to use it again and again and highly recommend to all my readers.




Available at Ellis Faas website- HERE
and stores worldwide