L`Oréal Paris Skin perfect Anti-Imperfections+Whitening Cream for 20+- Review

As you have read in one of my previous posts that L`Oréal Paris recently introduced its Skin Perfect Skincare Range of Cleansers and Creams targeted at solving problems of age groups 20+, 30+ and 40+. I was sent the range 5/6 weeks ago and after using these cream for a month, I’m completely ready to share my experience with this new launched skin range by L’Oreal. 

 The all 3 creams from Perfect Skin range have advanced SKIN WHITENING  properties owing to theVitamin 3X Complex in them which combines 3 Vitamins : Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C known to act on the melanin responsible for dullness and dark spots whereas Vitamin Eis known for its anti-oxidant properties. All have SPF 21 PA+++ for daily UV-Ray Protection which helps doesn’t let the sun rays harm he skin and thus prevent ageing and darkening.

L'Oreal Paris Skin perfect Anti-Imperfections Plus cream for 20+ review

What company says…

The skin has different needs at every age. L’Oreal Paris has created SKIN PERFECT, a range specifically formulated to address these specific skin needs. From the age 20, stress, pollution and other daily aggressions may lead to imperfections on your face such as oiliness, pimples, marks & skin becomes dull. L’Oreal Research has selected powerful actives and specifically designed this cream to act on skin texture and tone of Indian women from 20 years old.


L'Oreal Paris Skin perfect Anti-Imperfections Plus cream for 20+ review

In the mirror of my own experience 

I had given L`Oréal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfections Plus Whitening Cream for 20+ to my sister in law who is in her twenties, I advised her to use it regularly. The second one was for me because I’m 30 + now and my skin needs something more than a regular skin care. And the third one was for one of my close friends who recently hit the 40+ mark. So all three covered up & today I’m going to write my sister in law’s experience with L`Oréal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfections Plus Whitening Cream for 20+.

L'Oreal Paris Skin perfect Anti-Imperfections Plus cream for 20+ review


 L`Oréal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfections Plus Whitening Cream comes in a white glass jar with a dull golden lid. When you twist it open, you get a plastic shield with a holding knob over the product. I think the packaging is not very classy or sturdy but nice. I hate an average product in a luxury packaging with a big price tag. So an okayish packaging will be great if you get a good product. If you are not a fan of jar packaging like me, you can get it in tube packaging which is also available in 18 g with the cost of just INR 99. The product is widely available and comes in two types of packaging – tube form and tub form. The tube packaging starts from INR 99, and I am glad that by launching their cream at such a low price L’Oreal has kept in mind the beauty needs of all Indian women.The tube packaging is not only hygienic but also very travel friendly.  

L'Oreal Paris Skin perfect Anti-Imperfections Plus cream for 20+ review

L'Oreal Paris Skin perfect Anti-Imperfections Plus cream for 20+ review

Smell &Texture

The cream is white colored and has a light pink tint to it. It has peasant floral fragrance which lingers around initially. It has a smooth and soft texture. The consistency of the cream is neither too runny nor too thick. She finds it appropriately perfect to slather and spread on to her skin. It blends easily and absorb into the skin in just few strokes. My sis in law has combination skin, so  she finds it perfect for her skin but if you have dry skin, it can make your skin dry because it does not provide you with the proper moisture for hydrating dry skin.

L'Oreal Paris Skin perfect Anti-Imperfections Plus cream for 20+ review

L'Oreal Paris Skin perfect Anti-Imperfections Plus cream for 20+ review

Application & Effect

It has to be applied on the face and the neck in clockwise circular motion, after thorough cleansing. The cream is enriched with three essential vitamins required for the beautiful, even skin: Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. My sis in law applied it twice, first in the morning after cleansing her face and then at night after cleansing and toning. She loves the matte effect on her skin especially on the oily areas of her face, yes she needs extra moisture for the dry areas especially in winter. The other thing that she noticed after a few applications was that you get a patchy effect if the cream is not blended properly, so you must blend it well. The best part of this cream is that It has 21 SPF, that provides sun protection as the summer season is not too far away, it’ll be good to have a protection from the detrimental UV rays.

Now about the effect, we all noticed a clear change in her skin after using for a month. She had some acne marks and some brown spots on her face which became lighter and due to this her skin looks fair and glowing too. She is very impressed to see these effects on her skin.

Good points

Especially formulated for the skin care needs of twenties age group.

 If you are looking for a brighter complexion, this SKIN WHITENING cream is perfect for you.

It has a fruity fragrance.

It protects your skin from sun-rays because it has SPF 21.

It removes spots and lightens blemishes and acne marks. and due to which you get a brighter complexion.

It gives a matte look, that’s great for oily skin.

The price is very very reasonable to see its quality.

Bad points

The jar packaging is not travel friendly so you have to buy the smaller one for it.

 It gives a patchy look if not blended well, like all other skin whitening creams.

It’s not perfect for dry skin beauties especially in winter.

A drop of water on the face,can ruin the whole look after the application.


I’m really impressed with this cream after observing the effects. I didn’t expect such a wonderful result within a month. It’s surely a great buy for girls with oily skin, something that they can use on a regular basis without being too harsh on their pockets. I wish  that they had something of this kind for dry skin as well, it would have been ideal for all girls! 


L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfection Whitening Cream For Age 20+’: INR 325 for 50g


Easily available in all leading stores and online stores.