#NaughtyorNice- Say it with The Body Shop Black Musk EDP

The Body Shop Black Musk EDP- review, price in India

If you are a regular reader of Chamber of Beauty, you might have guessed that I’m not someone who stocks perfumes or indulges in fragrance shopping. This is the reason why my knowledge about the base notes, top notes etc is perhaps the weakest in the blogosphere.

Moving on to the focus of this post, The Body Shop Black Musk which launched in India just a matter of weeks ago. The Body Shop is no longer new to the fragrance market after launching so many other scents such the White Musk, Red Musk etc and just in time for Valentines day, they decided the release their most sensual line of fragrances in India, the Black Musk.

What company says

Envelop yourself in luscious, mouth-watering notes of bambinella pear, spiked with pink pepper and bergamot accords to capture pure desire. Be captivated by delicately sensual heliotrope – an intoxicating scent that oscillates between marzipan and almond – intertwined with a stimulating aphrodisiac touch of the mysterious gourmand liquorice root accord. Then gradually be seduced by the deep and powerfully addictive trail of warm bewitching black vanilla,magnetic black musk, earthy patchouli and chocolate-like vetiver notes. 


The Black Musk Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum contain Community Fair Trade organic alcohol crafted from sugar cane that is harvested by co-operatives in South America. In Cotopaxi, Ecuador, smallholder farmers re-plant the trees they use to heat this sugar. This helps them to grow their business while sustainably protecting the land.

The Body Shop Black Musk EDP- review, price in India

In the mirror of my experience

The Body Shop Black Musk EDP comes in a neat and sturdy packaging. The outer box is black with a hint of purplish pink and the bottle has the same colour combination. The cute little bottle when sits on the dresser, looks powerful and mysterious. It’s not inconveniently heavy. The cap closes tightly, keeping the nozzle covered and safe.

The Body Shop Black Musk EDP- review, price in IndiaThe Body Shop Black Musk EDP- review, price in India

Black symbolises naughty and pink, nice. The fragrance is a combination of both.
It hits you with fruity layers & oriental florals and finishes with a deep, woody musk. The sweet yet fierce scent ticks the right notes that a girl would want in her evening fragrance. It has a sophisticated feel to it that matches the air of a classy evening outing. But it doesn’t make you feel mature or boring, just classy, flattering and glamorous. And overall, a great blend of vanilla, liquorice and fruity notes.

The right perfume evokes a sense of confidence in a man or a woman. Choice of fragrance is subjective but if it can make you feel self-confident, tranquilise others around you, nail the right intensity of smell, it’s the perfect one. And that’s exactly what this perfume does.
The oriental floral scent paves way for a stronger and darker fragrance which I’m totally in love with. The fragrance is neither too strong nor too weak, just the way I have always wanted my perfume to be. It is very wearable and perfect for winters. It impressively lasts for more than 7 hours fading into an alluring & defining scent which is unique and complex!

The Body Shop Black Musk EDP- review, price in India

I decided to recreate the ‘Nice’ look using some pretty pink shades from The Body Shop, to express my love for this perfume.


INR 3295 for 50 ml

Hope you enjoyed my presentation of the TBS Black Musk Eau De Parfum! Have you tried this intense fragrance from The Body Shop?


Disclaimer-The product has been sent by the brand, but all opinions expressed are my own