Five Genius Beauty Hacks for Lazy Girls

It is said that beauty means pain. That’s true to some extent. Women all over the world spend significant amounts of money and time in beauty salons every year. They wax their legs. They pluck their eyebrows. They undergo cosmetic procedures. The options are practically endless, but none of them are something you’d be interested in doing, since you have better things to do.

Like lying around. Doing nothing.

What if I told you that beauty can be easy and straightforward, with a little discipline? There are so many little things you can do to enhance your physical appearance. For example, you can braid your hair on the side instead of letting it get tangled.

Hate plucking your eyebrows? Cut a strip of wax and remove all the extra hairs instantly. Replace your boring pajamas with a comfortable & precious satin kimono robe to remind your boyfriend why he fell in love in the first place.

Too lazy to remove your make-up every night? Keep a jar of ready-to-use coconut wipes next to your bed. You can use them while you’re binge-watching your favorite series!

These are only a few examples of beauty hacks that take less than a few minutes to do and can completely change your look! If you’re a girl who would rather sleep than spend hours working on her physical appearance, these genius beauty hacks may be the way to go for you.

1. Steer Clear of Foundation

It can take quite a bit of time to put foundation on your entire face. If you don’t have that level of energy, you can breathe easy. You can get around foundation application by opting to use concealer instead. Simply dab concealer on the parts of your complexion that require the most TLC and attention.

Having trouble with an unsightly zit? Cover it using concealer.

Struggling with sun spots? The concealer is your best friend.

Voila! You have flawless skin that didn’t involve the assistance of foundation. Concealer use is simple. It takes mere minutes as well. If you want to perfect your complexion in a matter of minutes, concealer is without a doubt your best friend.

2. Take Advantage of White Eyeliner

Dramatic and intense eyes can make any woman look more alluring. If you want to play up the beauty of your eyes, you should make use of white eyeliner. If you don’t have white eyeliner, any pale option should make a good substitute. White eyeliner application can do wonders for women who want to enhance their eyes.

It also offers another major advantage. If you don’t want people to notice that you barely got any sleep last night, white eyeliner can keep them in the dark. This can be a helpful and reliable trick for those who need to look 100 percent alert and rested at work or school.

3. Make Use of Highlighters

Sleep may not be the top priority in your life right now. That’s completely understandable, too. Day-to-day existence can be busy and hectic. If you never get the amount of shut-eye you need, however, you don’t have to settle for looking exhausted and fatigued all of the time. You can instead take advantage of good old highlighters.

Use a highlighter on the sides of your nose, on both of your cheeks and in the center of your forehead. You should look vibrant, lively, energized and ready to conquer the world in no time. Who really needs eight full hours of sleep every night anyway?

4. Take Care of Your Hair Before Turning in at Night

It can be incredibly hard to wake up in the morning. Most people barely have the energy to hit the snooze button. It is even harder to muster up the enthusiasm necessary to do your hair. But going out with hair that looks like a huge mess is a big no-no. If you want to get maximum rest without compromising your reputation, there is an amazing time-saving trick out there waiting for you.

That trick is to take care of your hair the night before. If you want your hair to look its best the following day, spray a little bit of texturizing spray on it. ALWAYS comb it after washing & blow-dry the tips. Few things can be more unpleasant than spending a significant amount of time working on your hair in the morning. This little hack can save you a lot of pointless hassle.

5. Use Shower Time to Hydrate Your Body

Hydration is crucial for your skin. It isn’t only important to keep your face nice and moisturized, however. It’s also equally important to moisturize the rest of your body. Dry and rough skin can happen anywhere. It’s not restricted to your complexion. If you want to protect yourself from the unsightly annoyance of rough and itchy dry patches all over your body, regular moisturizing should be a major priority for you, zero exceptions.

There’s just one problem, though. Moisturizing a body can take quite a bit of time. It’s not as simple as hydrating the skin on your face. You have much more territory to cover. That’s why it can help greatly to multitask. Aim to give your body a moisture boost while you’re showering. You can’t use a standard body moisturizing cream or lotion for this purpose, however. You have to invest in a nice body oil. Once you’re done massaging the oil all over your body, you can rinse it off thoroughly. Make sure to wash up with lukewarm water because hot water dehydrates the body.

BONUS TIP: Exude Confidence

There are many genius beauty hacks available to women who simply don’t have the time to take on elaborate and lengthy daily beauty routines. These hacks are also beneficial for women who are happy to admit that they’re lazy. If you’re part of either of these categories, that’s totally OK. You should be proud of who you are. The number one secret to looking fantastic as a lazy girl, however, has nothing to do with any beauty product or makeup application tip. It actually involves confidence. If you want to radiate pure beauty inside and out, you have to believe in yourself.

You have to own your beauty. You have to not question it. If you walk around with your head held high, people will see your beauty regardless of how your hair looks that day. This is an incredibly powerful concept. Beauty is about so much more than just physical appearances. It’s about how you carry yourself and how you feel inside.

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