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5 spacious handbags for travelling, Indian fashion blogger5 Spacious handbags for travelling

One needs to accept it; travelling the world expands your horizons, broadens your vision and opens your mind up. Travelling is probably one of life’s best experiences. And to travel with panache is to travel in style. Wherever you go, take your style statement with you, don’t get lost among the herd and give the first priority to comfort while travelling.

It is a wise advice, that when you are travelling, travel light. This way, you don’t have to constantly carry your baggage and there is zero hassle. However, women who are travelling often have a habit of packing more than they are ever going to need on the trip. This could include unnecessary clothes for occasions that might never be happening; an array of make-up, a plethora of hair styling machines and different footwear paired with different bags.

Anyhow, what’s to remember is that the lighter you carry on your trip, the more comfortable you will be. And, you are going to rewind, relax and enjoy your trip; unwanted and extra baggage will not only make you crib, but eat in your time as well.
However, all the stuff that is necessary is also so much that it seems like a great deal. Also, there’s a lot of stuff that can’t be packed in your suitcase; stuff that you may need handy at all times. This is all the stuff that goes into your handbag.

Spacious handbags

The regular bags you may carry to college or work are pretty cute and solve the purpose of just storing essentials. However, while travelling, you may feel the need of a bigger and a more spacious handbag that solves the purpose of being a kitty for your trip.
These are the best spacious handbags you could use for travelling: –

  1. Totes

5 spacious handbags for travelling, Indian fashion blogger

Totes are a very universal kind of handbag. Among all its contemporaries, the tote by far is the most spacious. They can store all of your stuff. In fact, if you are planning to go on an overnight trip, or even for the weekend, the tote is your best bet. Throw in a pair of jeans, two T-shirts and two pairs of essentials and you’re sorted. Even after all this, you will have space enough to stuff all your important stuff.

2. Bucket bags

5 spacious handbags for travelling, Indian fashion bloggerBucket bags and travelling are meant to be together forever. It is almost like; bucket bags were made for travelling. They are deep-pocketed, extremely spacious and there’s zero fooling around with them. These days, tasselled bucket bags are in and are selling like hot cakes.

3. Cross body bags

5 spacious handbags for travelling, Indian fashion blogger

These come in different variants; be it the cross body clutch or the cross body sling; both of them are made for travelling purposes. There are super light in weight but are extremely spacious in body at the same time. It looks chic, solves the purpose brilliantly and comes in different styles to suit your need and taste.

4. Shoulder bag

5 spacious handbags for travelling, Indian fashion blogger

Shoulder bags are another type of tote, only more comfortable. These are super easy to carry and have a broad handle, so that eh weight of the bag with all the stuff does not break your shoulder down. Put it on one shoulder and travel all you want!

5. Straw baskets

These are the coolest to carry if you are visiting a beach destination, going on a picnic or are traveling to tropical and sub-tropical areas. They come in quirky prints and really cool colours. The best part about them is that they are so spacious that they can store a great deal of stuff, and make it look like a walk in the park. Super chic and vintage by the look, it really is a must have.

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  1. June 28, 2017 / 13:59

    Thanks for sharing this! I hate when I bring a small purse or what I think is a big purse but there’s barely in room on a trip!

    xx Jennifer
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