Work from home style ideas

2020 has been a stay at home year and among other things, our dressing has changed accordingly. Loungewear is our number one choice but there are other dressing items that you should definitely explore to make your home outfits more fun and fashionable. These will make you look more put together and don’t we all feel more confident and motivated when our clothes are more fashionable?

As we are transitioning into the autumn months, there are two dressing options that I will tend to reach out for more often- jumpsuits and hoodies. 
Jumpsuits are comfortable and easy to slip into. They come in lots of different styles and fabrics, so you can choose whatever suits you best. I like jumpsuits with tapered bottoms because they look smart but even the flared ones are so beautiful. If you’re looking to have lots of options to wear at home, you can check out places that sell wholesale jumpsuits. I think jumpsuits are easy to dress up as well by adding some accessories like a belt, jewelry, heels etc. So, up your work from home style by adding more jumpsuits to your closet! 

As we move into the colder months, hoodies become our best friends! I think most of us own at least one or two hoodies in our closet. They’re so comfortable and look great with joggers, leggings, jeans etc. Even hoodies are available in such a wide variety of styles from cropped to oversized. I love comfortable and slightly oversized ones.

You can easily wear your at home hoodie outside by switching your pyjamas to a pair of jeans and adding some jewelry. The markets are flooded with wholesale hoodies so you can never run out of options with this one. 

You can choose Feelingirldress for some amazing options at very reasonable prices! I think, all their hoodies are under $10 which is quite a steal! What is your work from home style? 

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