Sorry readers, sorry to keep you all waiting. Actually I was not well so couldn’t write anything. Anyways today I’m gonna tell you in great detail about the care of dry skin.    This type of skin besides giving you a rosy look on the cheeks also absorbs all the moisture provided to it leaving a taut dry look to your skin.                                     IDENTIFYING DRY SKIN 1.   The skin has few flaky patches that disappear with rich moistening creams.

  1. It looks fine textured i.e. the pores are not visible.
  2. You will have tiny expression lines around your eyes.
  3. The skin of the neck and cheeks seem creepy.

REASONS FOR SUCH A SKIN The human skin breathes oxygen for which its pores should be absolutely clean. There is also a very high content of moisture in the skin cells which gradually decreases with age or vitamin deficiency. The moisture glands of the skin get more ineffective, resulting in a dry, wrinkled skin.                                     CARE REGARDING THIS SKIN TYPE               I.      Good healthy diet            II.      Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.          III.      8 hour sleep.         IV.      Exercise.            V.      A daily beauty routine. These were some of the basic cares.             Firstly you should cleanse properly. An effective cleanser will remove all pore blocking substances without leaving the skin dry or stripped off pf its natural protective mantle. The cleanser must be massaged gently paying particular attention to the skin of the nose, chin and ear lobes. Always use moist cotton wool to prevent moisture absorption from the skin. A cactus cleanser with a lemon base is best as the cactus has the highest moisture retention capacities. The lemon is a natural cleanser as well as natural bleach. It makes the skin look fairer after some weeks if this cleanser is applied daily in the morning and evening (bedtime).             Second step should be toning which is an essential follower after the cleansing process. Toning removes dirt and stimulates skin circulation. A skin tonic is advisable.      In my next post I will tell you about the use of tonic and other steps regarding the care of dry skin.


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