Beauty face masks for winters

Hi ladies, It seems as though the winters are retreating from the country. Yes, many places are experiencing a rather cool climate and not a cold one although not my city. It’s still the same as it was a month back…shivering winters!
So how is the weather at your places? Today I wanted to talk about some skin treatments. What do you do with you skin in winter? I know that it’s very difficult to take care of your skin in this chilled weather but to save your skin from this brute season, you should be more careful guys. One of the oldest forms of beauty treatments is the application of masks for face or body. History is full of instances of woman making use of various natural and organic substances to preserve the youth and beauty of their skin and hair.

Mask have a most stimulating effect, improving blood circulation, toning the muscles, maintaining skin elasticity and porcelaining Tough time , these beauty treatments have not only survived, but have been improved upon and their values have been recognized and acknowledged. In fact, the modern woman has the advantage of specialized knowledge. She can understand the demands of her own skin and hair and learn to treat it accordingly. Every woman can even help herself to the beauty aids that exist her own home……on her kitchen shelf. Some beauty masks for oily skin- Egg- honey mask –

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This mask is very effective for oily skin and very easy to prepare. Mix a teaspoon of honey with one egg white and apply thickly on the face and neck. Leave for seven to ten minutes and wash off. Yeast mask- Mix one teaspoon yeast, one teaspoon suger and half a cup of warm milk. cover and keep in a warm place. When it ferments then use it as a mask. Some beauty masks for dry skin- You all know that dry skin becomes a problem in winters and apart from your normal skincare routine, you can take much care of your skin with the help of these beauty masks. Olive oil mask- This mask is very nice for dry skin. you can see the difference in your skin after some days. Take one tablespoon olive oil and mix with two tablespoon of fresh cream. Leave it on the face for 10 minute. remove with cotton wool pads soaked in warm water. Honey- Orange juice mask-

Fullers earth

Take on table spoon honey, 15 drops of orange juice, 1 tbsp fullers earth and 1 tbsp rose water. Mix well and apply on face. wash off after 10 minutes. These masks can be made in your own kitchen and the effects will be amazing. I know it’s difficult for some ladies especially working women to get few hours for their own beauty treatments but i’ll tell them, don’t ignore yourself, take out some time from your responsibilities, see your face in the mirror and listen what it says. It’s your life so it’s your own right to take out some time for yourself; weather it is only on Sundays.Isn’t it?

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    great post dear,thanks for sharing will defo try it out.