Some tips to protect your skin in Holi

A very good afternoon to my lovely readers and friends,

Today is Holi, the festival of colors….that is very much awaited by everyone. So the very best wishes to all my Indian friends for Holi!! Holi is the festival of colors, a time when you enjoy playing and celebrating with colors, colored water etc. But don’t forget that these colors can even harm in many ways coz after all they all constitute chemicals and other substances which can harm prove harmful to a certain extent.

Therefore I request everyone to use herbal colors and protect yourselves.

In my today’s post I’m here to tell you some tips to protect your skin from colors and then you can fully enjoy your fest and also be safe.

First of all apply a bit of oil on your hands and face coz oil prevents the color to stick on your skin, preferably mustard oil. After oiling don’t forget to use a sunscreen with a good SPF- 30 or more.

So that was a simple method to protect your skin but if you don’t wanna do that, want to be safe and also look beautiful…I have something else for you ladies as well :D

These are some makeup tips that you may follow- Use a heavy foundation as it’ll be protective in nature.

EYES- Don’t use a powder eye shadow with fall out as it will surely wash out and mix with the colors on your skin.

Use eye crayon instead. A waterproof mascara can be used. Don’t wear contact lenses.

Wear glasses or sunglasses that protect your eyes from the colors.

Prefer a waterproof lipstick and glitter nail paint. Glitters prevent the colors to stick on your nails.

So these were some makeup tips that you must follow before going out to play with colors. But the most important care begins after you are done with your celebration and it’s time to cleanse and clean.

Take off the color from your face by using a gentle cleanser and wash properly. Don’t forget to take a bath…of course you won’t!! Apart from this you can even use a mild scrub of home made scrubs to rub off the gulal and colors. Once you’ve taken a bath apply a mild soothing lotion to calm your skin from the chemicals that you’ve used and there you are clean and fresh one again!!

Hope this post helps. Happy colorful and safe Holi once again!! :D :)