Makari Clear Acnyl Cream-Review, swatches & pics

Hi ladies, I was not feeling well since 2 days so you couldn’t see my new post and I’m sorry for that. I received many mails from readers regarding this absence and I really appreciate the fact that they all missed me…thanks a lot!!
Today I’m reviewing about a product which has really surprised me. It does happen sometimes that brands with less fame work even better than the highly popular brands and products . After seeing its effects I can only say that I’m very much impressed with this product.

Makari Clear Acnyl Cream

Makari Clear Acnyl cream is a formula for acne treatment. What the product claims- See the picture below…hope it’s clear enough 😀
Net weight- 100 ml but I got two sachets as a sample
Price Exact price is Rs 3000 and you can buy it from Makari’s Indian websiteFor US the price is $52.45 from
How to use it? Apply twice daily on the face or any other parts effected by blemishes and acne with a gentle massage. In the mirror of my own experience Although my skin is normal but always it changes with the weather….as a result it becomes a bit oily in summers but still never had I faced any pimple problem. But unfortunately this time I had to face this problem for I had a pimple under my lower lip…which although a tiny one looked really irritating so somehow I had to get rid of it.Coincidentally…as one may call it….my sis was here for 6-7 days and she too was facing the same problem as she has oily skin and she was really disappointed due to her pimples near her nose.therefore on my suggestion, she applied it twice daily and after 5 days they all disappeared!!! We both were amazed and after this experience I can say this clearly that I’m highly satisfied with this product. The Good points- Honest claim.
Helps to get rid of all the acne and pimples.
I love its light fragrance.
The texture is neither too thick nor runny. So easy to apply on the effected areas. The results come up in a very natural manner. The pimples fade out gradually and after that the skin from there becomes clear and soft in its natural ways. It doesn’t dry out the portion of the skin after recovering it. The formula is highly effective. The Bad points- There is only one bad point in this product and that is undoubtedly it’s high price which is too much for a common man to get it and enjoy it’s advantages.
Therefore in my opinion a company’s prices should be such that even common man can afford it.
Overall verdict- I’m really impressed. It does what it claims. A customer buys any product with this hope that it works for him because he reaches after reading its claim about the problem. But if it disappoints him it’s a crime in my opinion. So it is a honest brand as far as this product is concern. Rating- 4/5 I wanted to give full points to this but its high price has decreased its rating. Recommendation- Yes, if you can afford it, then of course. It’ll surely work for you!!
So ladies, have you tried any Makari beauty products?? How did you find it? You can check out their products at their website. If you want to purchase their products, go to their website and order now coz they’re even having some good offers these days. I’m also impressed with their quick service. I got my stuff only within 24 hours.Have a great weekend ahead!!!Disclaimer-Product by PR