Nature’s Brilliance By Sue- Butter lipstick, Mineral Blush/Eye color- Review & swatches

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Today’s review is all about these lovely products so take a look:

They are a Mineral Color Set including:
Cranberry Butter lipstick
Mineral Blush/Eye color

So firstly I’m gonna review this Cranberry Butter Lipstick in the shade: 002LS Bronze Star

Ingredients: Pure Cranberry Butter (Pure Cranberry Fruit, Shea Butter, Jojoba), Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, Lecithin (Vegetable Source), Castor Seed Oil, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol (Vegetable Source), Olive Fruit Oil, Beeswax, Soybean Lipids, Carnauba Wax, Candelillia Wax, Natural Vitamin E, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Mica, Iron Oxide.


The packaging is pretty impressive…comes in a black covering packing body and opens easily with a click….something like revlon matte lippies!!

Shade It’s a tea rose pink or some kind of dirty brownish pink shade with shimmers. The shimmer with this shade looks so pretty!! Texture The texture of this lipstick is creamy and buttery. The pigmentation is wonderful. It spreads so softly on my lips in only one or two swipes. In the mirror of my own experience To be honest when I first opened this lipstick I was not much impressed because I don’t like shimmery lip colors and I have often noticed that the lipsticks of many famous brands which include shimmers in them are not much pigmented. Sometimes after applying only shimmer particles show on the lips which looks quite weird. And that was my first impression about this lipstick as well but after applying it on my hand, I was totally proved wrong because it’s highly pigmented with such a creamy and buttery texture. The shade looks so pretty…God I’m very impressed. I have used it 2 times. The lasting power of this lipstick is also quite impressive. This lipstick is available in 22 different shades HERE.
Good points The texture of this lipstick is creamy, soft & velvety. Pigmentation is amazing. The required shade only needs one or two swipes.
I love its lasting power: 5-6 hour without reapplying. The ingredient of this lipstick is totally natural so there is no need to fear for harmful chemical on your lips. Very light weight. Can be worn with both light or dark outfits. It’s water proof. You can drink your favorite drink without any tension of your shade getting fade. Bad points Just a small bad point which I feel should be mentioned and that is, the silver shimmers in the lipstick are not easy to remove using a common cleanser.
Final thoughts I love this lipstick. Love its texture, its shade and pigmentation. This lipstick can make your evening pleasant. Rating 4.5/5 So now let’s come on to the Mineral Blush/Eye color It’s a mineral blush plus eye shadow. One can use it in both ways. Shade It’s a light tea rose pink shade very much similar with lipstick with silver shimmers. The shade is quite incentive.
Texture It’s a mineral powdery texture which is very easily spread on both of the eyelids and cheeks. In the mirror of my own experience During applying at first time, it seems quite shimmery on my eyes and on the cheeks which was a bit uncomfortable. But next time when I applied it, I was careful about it and gave a light touch on my lids and cheeks. Then blended it with my Revlon mineral powder. And the result was quite impressive. The light shimmers gave my face a healthy glow and it looked natural as well. So I have decided to apply it lightly in the future. But for any festivals or special occasions, the shimmers will look adorable. Good points It’s mineral so won’t harm your skin.
Works as a blush and eye shadow at the same time so no need to take an extra blush or shadow. Gives a very pretty and healthy glow to your cheeks and eyes. It absorbs so wonderfully in your skin as if a part of your skin’s natural glow. Bad points The texture is powdery so there is a lot of fallout but as you can use it as a blush so you can blend it after applying on the lids. If you don’t want to apply it as a blush you have to remove it with your foundation. So if you want to save your foundation, apply your foundation after applying the shadow on your lids. It’s so shimmery so you shouldn’t wear it with a daily wear or for office. Final thoughts Finally I can say that it’s a lovely product. Being a mineral product I can use it without any tension. It can make your festival look beautiful. Rating 3.5/5 Overall verdict for both products Overall I’m highly impressed with both products. it’s a pleasant feeling that we have some good cosmetics which don’t have any harmful chemicals in them. I’ll really recommend my readers to checkout this lovely website and try their mineral products. Believe me you won’t be disappointed.
I’ll post some makeup looks with these products in my next post then you can see the effect of these cosmetics on the face. Note: If you like these eyeshadows and want to buy other organic and natural products from Nature’s Brilliance, you can avail a 10% discount by using the code –RIZVI1D while checking out. This code is for you guys and it’ll not profit me in anyways.
They have whole range of products in beauty and cosmetics ranging from shower gels , solid perfumes, lip balms, shampoos, body lotions, soaps, sunscreens, body sprays to mineral makeup like foundation, concealer, eye shadows, lip colors and lip glosses etc. You can check out them here. About Nature’s Brilliance by Sue Sue is the Sole Proprietor of Nature’s Brilliance By Sue. It is located on the East Coast in a small town in New Jersey. It was formed to help people locate products for their skin tone & skin type. Sue has dealt with multiple allergies for years and through persistence and exhaustive research has found a line of natural mineral make-up and organic skin and body care products suitable for all skin types, even those with multiple allergies. Nature’s Brilliance By Sue will not sell any product that is not 100% Natural or Organic and has not been tested by the owner her self. Sue has a Diploma in both Holistic Beauty Therapy and Holistic Herbal Therapy; with Certificates in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal Healing, and Business Development for the Alternative Health Therapist, from the Natural Health Institutes, based in Canada. Please check more details about the company and the brand here: ABOUT
So girls what do you think about Nature’s Brilliance by Sue’s products. Will be coming up with a look very soon…so stay tuned!!