Can you afford to miss this??? {Sleek makeup Nude collection & Eid Mubarak}

Hey everyone!!

Eid Mubarak to all bloggers, my readers & friends!

What dress and which type of makeup are you wearing this Eid?

When are you reviewing the Nude Collection from Sleek Makeup?

These have been the two questions which have been asked by my readers again and again and I’m surprised to see the curiosity about this collection. You can imagine this by the fact that just the preview of this collection has become the most popular post of the month.

To be honest I myself was very excited for reviewing this collection because I really wanted to try some nude makeup these days & Sleek Makeup has given this precious gift for all makeup lovers who love nude looks by producing this wonderful collection.

Sleek makeup Nude Collection

The Sleek Makeup Nude Collection features an eyeshadow palette, blush and pout polish all in natural hues. A nude lovers dream.

Today is Eid and I have found my Eid gift on getting this lovely collection. Today I’m reviewing AU Naturel 601 palette.

Au Naturel 601 Eyeshadow Palette

This is a wonderful palette to find some beautiful looks. All 12 shades are created with a deep contemplation of makeup. We can compare the quality and color variety of this palette with Urban Decay’s Naked palette and find it more superior due to its reasonable price and colors variety which suits every skin tones weather it is warm and cool.

One another cause makes it more greater for me if do comparison with UD Naked palette. Naked palette has most of the colors shimmery but Sleek Makeup i-Divine Au Naturel Palette is filled with matte nudes and a robust mixture of shimmering berries, olives and browns and a special black, It has 8 matte color and four shimmer which i love. In my opinion, matte colors are more useful in daily life than shimmers.Price£6


As always I love its classy packaging. The palette’s packaging is a sleek black matte casing. There is “Sleek Makeup” embossed on the flap. On the inside is the wide mirror. There is a transparent plastic sheet with names of the eyeshadows printed on it just like their Carribean and Oh So Special palettes.The palette also includes a duo felt tip long applicator which can be quite useful if you use an applicator for applying your shadow or If you forget to bring your eye brush along.ShadesSleek eyeshadow palettes come pre-made with 12 shadows. All shades have their own specialty.if you notice, every shade has its pair. Look first from upper line’s first shadow Nougat and then check from second line Conker , don’t you think you can create a lovely eye makeup with this pair? As the same way, check all shade’s pair. The Au Naturel palette has eight matte shades and four shimmery shades all that can be used for a wide variety of skin tones. I like that the matte shades glide on smoothly and don’t appear chalky at all. The shimmery shades aren’t overly thus making them perfect for every age and skin tones.You can create depth and drama with this palette by using the darker matte shade and can even create several variations of the smoky eye.

Pigmentation and Lasting power

All colors are superbly pigmented for the most part and blend well as a whole. I wanted to test their intensity and lasting power so I applied some shades on my eyes without a primer underneath. I was surprised to see that they ware not only showing up beautifully on the eyes on their own—even the lighter matte shades; but stayed on for so long too. I was able to get these to last with very little signs of creasing after 6 hours without using any type of eyeshadow primer. So with a base or primer, they will last even longer.Some shades of this palette so amazing and beautiful like Taupe, Noir, Regal and Conker. They are surprisingly beautiful and stunning.


What word should I use for its texture, silky, velvety, buttery or sleek! Each color is intensive and smooth, none of the shades is chalky in this palette so it has become even more special than Oh So Special where I had found one color less pigmented. There is a complete line of subtle colors and all are super pigmented and smooth like butter.

Now let’s have a closer look at the shades:


It’s a creamy whitish matte color which is perfect for highlighting. It’s much pigmented.


This is a maroonish shimmer brown. Sooo pigmented & blends like a dream.


This one is purplish khaki matte color which is an essential shade for finding a Smokey eye makeup. I love its intensity.


It’s a rare shade. I haven’t found it even in my 80 color palette. It’s a golden teal shimmer shade which is perfect for define the outer corner of your eyes. just one touch is enough to find the color.


This is a creamish off-white shade again good for highlighting. Absolutely matte in nature & pigmented too.


A matte brown shade, very similar to the color of a bark, the name serves very true!! Highly pigmented & blends very well!


A very light yellowish shade, somewhat similar to Cappucinno. Matte & nicely pigmented!

Mineral Earth

This is one of my fave shades from this palette…a gorgeous dark brown color with shimmers. Highly pigmented & perfect for eye makeup for night parties!!!


A purplish, brown, matte shade. Quite unique & very wearable.


True black beauty…matte & veryy pigmented!!!! Perfect for creating gorgeous smokey eyes!



Finally…Finally I would say that out of the three Sleek Makeup i-divine palettes, this one is my most fave although the other two are also fab!!!! This one has all the shades very pigmented as well as very wearable & useful! I will surely recommend it to all my readers because as the title says…You Can’t Afford to Miss this!!!! Get it now-

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!!!