Sleek Makeup Bare Minimum Pout Polish- review, photos & LOTD

Hi dear readers,

 You have read till now my reviews about Au Naturel palette & Suede blush. Now I’m going to review Bare Minimum Pout Polish which is a part of Sleek Makeup Nude collection. This is an ideal lip pout to give the perfect complement to nude lips.

Bare Minimum Pout Polish

Bare Minimum Pout Polish is a tinted lip conditioner which gives a glossy, transparent look to the lips.

What Sleek Makeup says…

Sleek MakeUP’s Nude collection wraps up your autumn beauty look in one
warm, earthy and wearable collection. Bare Minimum Pout Polish is a
glossy nude with Jojoba, avocado and sweet Almond oils, ensuring that
chapped lips are a thing of the past. 







Bare Minimum Pout Polish released by Sleek Makeup,
comes in the same large, flat pot as the normal Pout Polishes do.


To see In the pot, Bare Minimum looks like a beigey-pink neutral shade with a
hint of brown, but once you actually swatch it, it applies very sheerly and transparent. It’s completely right at its name Bare Minimum.


The texture is too moisturizing and sheer like a lip conditioner.

In the mirror of my own experience

After opening the pout, I love its minty vanilla smell. The only problem is with it always using a lip brush for applying on the lips otherwise finger application can be unhygienic. But the effect of this Pout Polish on the lips is good. It gives an effect of almost nude lips. The natural colour of the lip shows through instead, but is muted by the
slight beige tint. The Pout Polish leaves a glossy, high-shine finish
that I think is quite pretty. It has SPF15 which is great. I have applied it on my lips with a light smokey eye makeup using Au Naturel palette and I really loved the effect which I got with this Pout Polish.

Good points

I love its minty vanilla smell.

Gives very natural nude look to the lips.

The texture is very moisturizing and sheer.

It has SPF 15 so you can be go anywhere without fearing the sunlight.

The quantity is good.

It’s not sticky at all.

The price is very reasonable as always.

An essential part with a smokey look.


Bad points

The product comes in a pot which is not very hygienic. Due to this you have always keep a lip brush for applying it.

The lasting power is just okay. For long lasting you’ll have to reapply it again.


Finally I’m not much impressed with this Pout Polish. I accept that it’s a part of a smokey look but on other looks, I’m not sure I would love to apply it. But yes, when I want to show my lips Bare Minimum, I’ll really apply it without thinking.



If you’re looking for a sheer nude lipbalm that moisturizes your lips
and isn’t sticky, I think Sleek Makeup’s Bare Minimum Pout Polish would
definitely be worth looking into. If you love to do a smokey makeup look, you need a Pout Polish Bare Minimum to grow your beauty.

So girls what is your experience with this Pout Polish?? Hope my review helped!!!