MuLondon Organic Rose Moisturizer- review, photos

Hi friends,
As you know that I always prefer a natural product when it comes to
choosing my skin care product. India was amongst the first few countries who had started utilizing the beauty of nature since years ago. We had been using the natural
ingredients for protects our skin and beauty since thousand years. But
now rest of world has known the imprtance of nature and now we see that
people are loving natural products more and it’s so nice that there are
lot of companies who are producing natural products.
When MuLondon approached me to review their product, I was quite pleased to read about their products & was excited to try one of their moisturizers.

 MuLondon Organic Rose Moisturiser

It is a moisturizer with rose as the main ingredient.

What MuLondon says….

100% organic face moisturiser with Rose Otto oil, Rosehip Extract and
Rosemary. This amazing trio will pamper, balance and nourish dry,
irritated and sensitive skin.

precious herbal extracts and oils are carefully balanced and
hand-blended in a base of certified organic Shea butter, Coconut butter
and Golden Jojoba oil. This creates a unique, rich, divinely fragranced
and creamy balm that is packed full of nutrients for your skin. No water
is added at any stage – so you get pure, undiluted herbal power that is
to be used sparingly.


60 ml




Paradoxa (Shea Butter)*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Butter)*, Simmondsia
Chinensis (Jojoba Oil)*, Rosa Damascena (Rose Otto Essential Oil)*, Rosa
Canina (Rosehip Extract)* , Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary Extract)*

 Some words about the ingredients

Shea Butter

Research has shown that Shea is effective in treating and alleviating
the symptoms of dry and sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis. It is
naturally moisturising and readily absorbed by the skin.

Jojoba Oil

Increases the overall health of the skin, particularly its elasticity and strengthens the epidermis.

Coconut Butter 

absorbed into the skin and connective tissues, it helps to reduce the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by helping to keep connective
tissues strong and supple.

 Rose Otto

for healing severe skin problems. It moisturises, firms and soothes the
skin without irritation. Balancing for all skin types – including oily,
dry, mature and sensitive skin.


Proven to reduce scars and wrinkles. It repairs damaged skin cells and rehydrates dry skin.


The packaging is quite simple. It comes in a glass jar with a silver lid. On opening the lid we can see the product & take it out with our fingers.

Texture & Smell

It has a strong smell of rose which is very pleasant & you feel like smelling it again and again!! The smell reminds you of a beautiful rose garden…really love this sweet smell!!

The texture is quite thick & creamy. It somewhat looks like an ice-cream (vanilla) & the same is the feeling on touching it. Although the texture is thick but on getting completely absorbed into the skin it does not feel greasy at all & leaves behind a soft, supple & moisturized skin with a sweet aroma of roses! Perfect for dry & normal skin types and is best for the winters. You just need a small amount to moisturize the skin.

How to apply

As protective day cream or super-moisturising night cream. Best applied
on moist skin – after a bath or a shower. Melt a pea-sized amount
between the palms of your hands and massage gently into your skin. Use

How to store

Keep cool and dry, away from direct sunlight and use by the best before date shown on the label.

 In the mirror of my own experience

When I opened the jar and touched the moisturiser, it felt quite thick and I wasn’t sure of applying such a rich cream on my face especially during the monsoons so I decided to test it on my skin. I applied it first on one part of my face. I took out a tiny amount  and rub it between my palms, I was surprised to see that it became liquid-like in a second or two, I applied it on the part of my face and amazed once again to see that the part of my skin absorbed it so quickly. I didn’t feel any greasiness there. I tested it on some of part of my skin about one week and after my satisfaction I applied it first on my whole face at night. Again a tiny amount of product I took out and rubbed it first then applied on my face. The smell of roses really pleased me, I gave a gentle massage and then went to bed. The scent of roses always made me  feel relaxed and fresh. Next morning, the effect of this moisturiser really made me happy as it made my skin really soft & silky!

No doubt, it’s a rich and heavy moisturiser but don’t forget, it’s made with all natural ingredients and every thing which includes in this product very essential for our skin. I have applied it twice in a week and after 15 days, I am really satisfied with the effects!  I apply very thinly and the skin will just suck in all that nourishment.I can say that it has given an extra glow to my skin and I want to use again and again. I’ll love to use it in winter and I’m very sure that my skin will thank me on getting such a luxurious skin food in that chilly and dry weather. 

Good points

The rose smell is heavenly,very refreshing!!!
The texture is rich but it’s a mild moisturiser which doesn’t feel oily on the skin.
It’s a skin food which nourishes the tired, dry and restless skin.
Great for everyday use, all-over the face, hands and body use. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin.
It contains natural and some very precious like Rose otto which is the most precious essential oil in the world. Only one drop of this oil is made from thirty roses.
It gives a healthy and rosy glow to the skin after regular use.
Only a tiny amount of the product is enough for covering up the whole face and neck.

All the ingredients in this moisturiser are certified organic.
this formula is waterless, it actually gets away with not using a
preservative (microbes cannot grow in a waterless environment) which so good!

Contains no mineral oils, parabens, silicones, emulsifiers or other man-made chemicals.
This moisturiser is hand-made in London, UK.

Bad points

The packaging is quite simple, I don’t say that it makes any difference in the quality but it’s a showy world, elegant and attractive packaging attracts customer at the first glance. I would like to advise Boris to change the packaging.
We have to take out the product with our hands because the mouth of the jar is wide and open so it’s a bit unhealthy so one has to be careful about clean hands while taking out the product from the jar.
It is recommended that the cream be used up within six months from the time it was made but I think it’s very short period because if we can use it only on our face twice a week for nourishing it,the cream will last about 9 months but to see the short limit of time we’ll have to finish it soon.


Finally I’m very happy with this moisturiser and will want to use again and again especially in winter. Sometimes we all need some rich and high protein diet to get strength our health as the same way, our skin needs some rich food for nourishing it so this is an essential food for our skin. I’m very happy with its effect which I got after using it. I’ll congratulate Boris for producing such a great moisturiser. 




If you have normal, dry, tired, restless or mature skin, I’ll strongly want to recommend this to you. Try for about one month and you’ll feel the difference yourself. 


Besides its own online stores on the MuLondon website and on Etsy,
MuLondon products are available at health food stores: Greenlands in
London and Cocoya in Denmark, and in several stores in Latvia.

MuLondon- Website, Facebook, Twitter

Disclaimer- Product sent by brand