MyFace Slinky Liquid matte eyeliner- review, swatches & pics

Hey everyone,

It’s the 22nd today & 2 more days to go for Christmas!!! Party looks can be considered incomplete without a gorgeous wing on your eyes, & for that you definitely require a good eyeliner. Today I’m here with something that’ll surely suit this purpose & will help you in making your eyes beautiful & sexy! 

Let’s move on to the review of MyFace Slinky liquid liner.

MyFace Slinky liquid liner

This is a liquid eyeliner which gives a very smooth & matte finish after applying! 

What the company says..

Matte black liquid liner

Create dramatic definition that lasts all day; won’t smudge or flake

Pair with black ice Blingtone to create a modern, monochromatic look

Draw on your own one-of-a-kind accessories, give your tattoos a new splash of colour, or 

send an instant message.

Net weight

2.5 ml




Beautiful shiny white slim bottle with the name written in Black! Handy & cute just like that of liners from various other brands 🙂


The applicator is quite flexible which makes application under control & easy. Thin & precise lines can be made effortlessly.


The texture is completely matte & intense. You get a very smooth finish & the liner glides on very easily.

In the mirror of my own experience

Liquid liners are a must-have in my makeup kit as I prefer using them over kohl pencils. Till now my favorite liners had been RBR Quartz eyeliner  & Revlon Colorstay liquid liner but now another name can be associated with these. MyFace Slinky eyeliner is completely matte & very deep black in color, with just 1-2 swipes you can get the required result. The texture is very smooth & it glides on so well on the eyes & enable us to make lines without much effort or problem. It’s applicator is also very flexible & making lines with it quite easy & under control. Precise designs can be obtained quite easily & quickly. It’s consistency is just perfect, neither too thick, nor too thin or watery, just even & smooth lines! It also lasts long without smudging or flaking. 

Good Points

Lovely white packaging!

The beautiful matte texture is really good & the shade is also a very deep intense black.

You can get smooth & even lines effortlessly in just a swipe or two.

Very pigmented.

Perfect consistency.

The product is very reasonably priced!

Bad points

Not available in india, but can be purchased online.

It’s not waterproof, with which I have no problems, but some might prefer waterproof ones.


Overall, it’s a lovely eyeliner & a great option to choose if you’re in search of a liquid liner. I’ve never used such a deep matte liner, so I’m very satisfied with it!




As I’ve already said that if you’re in need of a good liquid liner, this one’s a great choice as besides being impressive, it is also priced very reasonably!


Available at MyFace website.

So girls, have you tried this Slinky liner as yet?? Which liquid liners are you using these days?

MyFace cosmetics- Website, Facebook, twitter

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