Skin Care Tips for Fall (Guest Post)

Skin Care Tips For Fall 2011

The cool weather affects your skin differently and to make your skin glow as it did in
summer, you must switch to new skin care products that are much more suitable for
the cooler season. Given below are few skin care tips for Fall 2011 following which
you can be sure that your skin gets the same love that it got in summer.

Replace your summer lotions with oil-based creams – The cooler weather
leaves skin drier and therefore, you must now replace your summer creams
with other lotions and creams that contain hydrating oil. Your skin will be
protected against the moisture stealing weather.

1. Use Oil-based scrubs – It is essential to exfoliate regularly in the winter
season too. Using oil-based scrubs ensures that your skin gets the goodness of
oil and is exfoliated too.

2. Moisturize everyday – When the leaves change color, your skin begins to
lose its moisture too. Fall is also the time when the air from the heaters dries
skin causing it to flake. Protect it using a good shielding lotion that helps skin
to maintain its natural oil barrier thereby retaining the moisture and oils in it.
Moisturize well everyday to keep it soft and glowing.

3.Use a Sunscreen – Just because the sun is not as scorching in winter as it used
to be in summer, it is no reason for you to stop using sunscreen. The winter
sun is just as potent. Use a sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 to keep your skin
protected against the harmful radiations of sun.

4.Nourishing Cream for hands and feet – Don’t forget your hands and feet
that do so much of your work. Keep them moisturized with a nourishing
lotion. Your feet too develops cracks that can be painful is not treated
immediately. Massage them with a cuticle cream that moisturizes your feet.
To make you own intensive care moisturizing lotion for hands and feet take a
lemon and squeeze its juice in plain yogurt. Massage your hands and feet well
with it. Leave it on for ten minutes and then rise it. Follow it with a nourishing

5. Body Lotion – Summer sees most people use body lotion and washes with
fragrances. These fragrances are made from chemicals that dry skin. Replace
your fragrant body wash with a natural wash that moisturizes and hydrates
skin. You can make your own body wash scrub by mixing a cup of sugar
and half cup of extra virgin olive oil and scrubbing your body with it. It will
exfoliate and pamper your skin.

6. Lips – Don’t forget your lips, which become chapped in the cool weather.
Apply lip balm as many times as you need in a day to keep them moisturized.

7. Apart from these, you must not forget to drink plenty of water even if you do not feel
thirsty. Give yourself homemade facials using pumpkin and other natural ingredients
and keep your skin glowing in the Fall.

Post by Guest Blogger Brenda Lyttle

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