Diana Of London 2000 Kisses Wonderful Lipstick- Review, Swatches and LOTD

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Hope you all are doing great! The weather in Dehradun is really amazing, you see, it’s just like a new and shy bride who sometimes opens her veil and like Doon’s morning and when everyone becomes excited to see her beautiful face, she suddenly covers her face shyly. Believe me it’s the daily routine of the weather in  January. Anyways now about today’s post, hey what do you feel when you are wearing your favorite lipstick and kiss your lovely child or someone else…what will happen? The shade transfers &  sometimes it feels so awkward , isn’t it? To see this problem many brands have produced non transferable lip colors which has relieved girls very much. Today I’m going to review a non transferable lip color from Diana Of London 2000 Kisses Wonderful lipstick.

Diana Of London 2000 Kisses Wonderful Lipstick

Diana Of London 2000 Kisses Wonderful Lipstick is as the name mentions,  a completely non transferable liquid lipstick.

What Diana Of London says….

An amazing lip product in a liquid form with iridescent, metallic
effect, smooth on the lips, this uncommon texture doesn’t feel heavy,
nor greasy, the finish stays longer for 24 hours allowing perception in
every occasion.


8 ml


Rs 525


The packaging is quite different from other lipstick because it’s a liquid lipstick. At first glance, it looks like a lip gloss. It comes in a transparent sleek bottle through which you can see the product’s shade with a silver border on which the name of brand is engraved and with a shining blue cap. On opening the cap, we find an applicator included with it like a lip gloss. The packaging is lovely, quite fancy and light weight which is easy to carry out anywhere.


Shade available

There many beautiful colors available in this range.

Sunset Red,Metallic Mystery Pink,Rose Coral, Red Nature, Metallic Brandy, Metallic Coco Ice, Red Rose, Metallic Copper Moon, Metallic Purple Lady, Soft Pink, Raspberry, Hazel Nut, Metallic Soft Brown, Metallic Icy Brown, Metallic Fuchsia, Metallic Amber, Metallic Coral, Metallic Canberry.

Metallic Brandy

I’m reviewing Metallic Brandy 08 which is a shiny deep copper brown shade.


The texture of this lipstick is neither thick nor runny. It’s not like a lip gloss too. I’m unable to describe it exactly. It feels like you are applying a smooth paste of a mixture of lipstick and gloss. It feels lovely. The texture is quite moisturizing but it’ll be better if you apply a lip balm before using it or you can apply a transparent lip gloss over it too.


It’s exremely pigmented. Open the cap and the quantity which will come with the applicator will be enough to cover your whole lips.

Lasting Power

Lasting power is just wonderful. No need to care for 7 to 8 hours after applying. Just apply the lip color on your lips, Allow at least 2-3 minutes drying time after application.

In the mirror of my own experience

When I first applied this lip color, I was just amazed to see its effects. It not only gives the beautiful look to your lips but also you feel as your lips has become naturally in  the same color you apply. You can eat, drink, give a lot of kisses to your beloved and kids, keep your fingers on your lips, you’ll not leave any spot of  color at all. Apply this lipstick in the morning and forget till evening. No need for reapplication or reshape and any fear of transferring anywhere on your face. The pigmentation is superb. The shade which you are applying completely shows on your lips. But what about the way of removing? It’s not difficult but you need a good makeup remover for removing it completely. If you are using a cleanser, you need to apply it twice to remove it.

Good points

 Pretty fancy and different packaging, easy to carry out.

The applicator included with the cap is quite helpful in applying and shaping.

Pigmentation is superb.

Lasting power is amazing.

It has a completely non transferring formula and works wonderfully.

There are many beautiful shades in this range.

The cost is reasonable.

Bad points

You need a lip balm before applying it if your lips are dry.

You need a makeup remover to remove it.


All and all I’m very impressed with this lipstick and is planning to buy some of their light shade because I don’t usually use deep shade lipstick and Metallic Brandy 08 is quite a deep shade so I won’t be using this one too much. I love its quality, texture and whole formula. It has everything which today’s woman wants from a good lip color.




Want to recommend this lipstick to all my readers and friends. You can choose your favorite shade after using it you’ll realize what you have got.


You can purchase it from Diana Of London’s counters and from their website. Indian readers can also purchase it online from Stylecraze.com

Disclaimer– Product sent by PR. Opinions expressed are 100% honest & original.