NEOM Luxury Organics Organic Candle- Review, photos

What do you think about candles?

Have you ever thought about it that some candles are able to give a heavenly peace of mind leaving a feeling a relaxation & refreshment. And after that, you are ready to face all the troubles of life successfully without any hesitation or complex. We live in world where we struggle daily with various problems like pollution, competition in every field, frustrations, violence and a lot of disappointment sometimes in relations, careers, study and many other causes. In this situation we need something which can give us a new energy and strength to struggle and fight through all troubles of our life and to come out as a winner in every field of life.

Neom Luxury Organic Candles

These candles work as a treatment for tired body & stressed mind making them feel relaxed.

What Neom Organic says….

NEOM Luxury Organics candles are made
using only vegetable wax and pure essential oils rather than synthetic
fragrances so they burn without releasing harmful pollutants, toxins or
soot. They work as powerful holistic treatments as you breathe in the
scented air so it is best to burn them for between 2-4 hours at a time.
These smaller travel candles are great to use in smaller rooms such as
bathrooms, or for trying new scents.


Total Weight: 0.25Kg,

Wax Weight: 75g




It’s strange that ingredients are not mentioned on Neom’s website.It’s just written ‘coming soon’ over there.


The packaging is really really elegant and beautiful. The candle is kept in a transparent glass jar through which the candle looks beautiful. This jar comes in a white box on which the name of the brand is written in golden shade. The candle’s jar is broad and can be kept very easily anywhere you want.


Refresh: Sicilian Lemon with Fresh
Basil. Experience this humble scent and prepare to be overwhelmed… the
smell of a real lemon, a fresh, juicy non -synthetic version is really
special, and very rare. Coupled with clean basil this is a fantastically
pure and clean scent. 

How to use

A clean and cheerful blend that
enlivens the body and recharges the soul. The perfect morning or
pre-night-out pick-me-up. Also perfect for: Over worked and over tired;
feeling groggy, sore throats.

In the mirror of my experience

When I left the lid of the box, ohh, i can’t explain the feeling which I felt after hitting the divine smell of the candle. I felt a relaxing feeling immediately and knew why Neom has claimed that about these candles. I loved the packaging of the candle and was excited to light it. I lit the candle before going to bed. I kept it in a glass dish filled with water along with  some rose petals. I lighted it up & lay down in bed besides this. Silently I watched it for a while & then slowly my eyes started to feel a bit heavy & drowsy. It was a wonderful experience. The aroma permeated throughout the room very quickly & my mind started to fell really relaxed & peaceful. I started to feel quite sleepy so put out the flame & went off to sleep. My body felt really light & my mind was free of all worldly thoughts. It was a beautiful night. I woke up in the morning feeling so relaxed & refreshed & I was happy to start the day in a fresh way!
This candle really has a magical effect to the mind & soul. Whenever I feel sad or something bothers me, I give myself this treatment at night & trust me it does work really effectively.
Another good thing about this candle is that it burns very cleanly without giving out any sooty residue or smoke. It is made up of 100% natural wax.
 NEOM promises- No paraffin wax wax, no synthetic scents, no black smoke, no toxins, only natural wax & pure essential oils.

Good points

Beautiful classy packaging.
Divine smell
Burns cleanly without any smoke.
Completely organic
Gives a heavenly peace to the mind
Very very effective in its claim
Available in many divine fragrances & also in a three wick candle size.
After knowing its effects its worth the cost.

Bad points

I didn’t find any bad point in this candle expect the fact that Neom hasn’t given the full ingredients list on the product packaging or on their website.


I’m really impressed with this luxury candle. I got its advantage completely and would like to buy it again and again. It’s not only a candle it’s a treatment for the soul and mind.




I would surely recommend this candle to all those who are in need of something like this. You can definitely try this travel edition of these candles or else the three wick size.


Available on NEOM‘s website & for Indian buyers, you can now get it through

Disclaimer– Product sent by PR. Opinions expressed are 100% honest & original.