My Face Cosmetics MyMix foundation- Review, swatches & photos

Sometimes it becomes so tough to choose a foundation. I always love a foundation which not only cover my skin flaws but also looks natural on it. I hate the foundation which makes the skin look as if it has been painted! I’m feel lucky enough that I found some great foundations for my skin. When MyFace cosmetics sent me their foundation to try out, I noticed that they sent me their med/dark tone foundation which was dark for my skin but it’s not too dark so if I mix it with my other foundations it can work nicely. If you check MyFace cosmetic website you’ll note that it is split
into two areas. The first one is divided by skin tone and the other is
the Bling Tones. The skin tones are divided into Fair, Medium and
Medium/Dark. They chose mine from their med/dark range, which was a bit wrong. I think I come under their medium tone range. There’s
a range of the usual make up products in each of these skin tone
ranges which is really great.

Myface Cosmetics My Mix Foundation Med/Dark 01 

My Mix foundation 01  is made for medium to dark skin tones. In this line there are 3 shades 01, 02, 03. My Mix foundation 01 is not too dark, it’s actually for a light medium skin tone. I have noticed that even 03 is also not too dark so I think there are not any shades for dark skin tones.

What  MyFace Cosmetics says….

Colour-correcting formula eliminates redness from MED/DARK skin
Lightweight texture, won’t feel heavy on skin
Highly moisturizing formula that glides on the skin and gives
you radiance
Each foundation has a matching concealer.


35 ml




The packaging is beautiful. The foundation comes in thin plastic tube with a shining  garyish silver cap. The packaging is quite different from other foundations packaging.It’s very travel freindly & light weight.



There are three divisions made in the shades section & each division has three shades in it.

have fair, medium and med/dark. In each section they have the 3 shades
to choose from which range from 01 -03. 01 being the lightest in that

In all there are 9 shades available.


*Prone to sunburn *may have pink undertones *often blonde/redhead with light eyes


*tends to tan easily *may have sallow undertones *colouring may be beige or golden


*Skin does not burn *typically has rich,warn brown tones *often dark hair and eyes *asian/indian skin tones


The texture is thin but not runny. When you apply the foundation on your face, it feels quite light. It’s not thick so doesn’t cover much flaws of skin but I think it’s great for a day time look.

In the mirror of my own experience

I don’t like foundations which feel like a paint on my skin. The foundation which has light texture still can give a nice coverage can’t be found very easily. Light textured foundations often give medium coverage which is nice for day time makeup look. My Mix foundation gives a medium but lovely coverage to my skin. The only disappointment is that they sent me a slightly darker shade. But they have a good option of shades available to choose the right shade for your skin. I love its light texture. It won’t give you full coverage either but after applying it you’ll feel so comfortable. As far as the more coverage concerned, one can apply its concealer so over all it’s a good foundation. I’m impressed about the lasting power. If you have normal to dry skin, it can stay for about for 6 to 7 hours. I can’t say about oily skin but I guess, it’ll last for 4-5 hrs easily.

The shade is not matching with my skin

After blending, my skin looks a bit dark

Good points

Lovely packaging which is easy to carry out.
A good variety of shades are available, so you can chose the suitable shade.
Offers medium coverage, which can be made better by using a concelaer over it.
Lightens blemishes & spots quite well.
The lasting power is very impressive.
The texture is perfect & it’s light weight as well.
Decently priced.

Bad points

No shades available for deep dark skin tones.
Does not give high coverage.


Finally, I would say that it’s a good foundation for everyday use as it gives a good amount of coverage. Perfect for office wear as it’s very light weight too.




If you can find the right shade for yourself then you should surely give one a try.


Available at

They also have a US website

Disclaimer– Product sent by PR. Opinions expressed are 100% honest & original.