Sleek Makeup Lash Out mascara- review, photos & FOTD

When I first heard about the Sleek Makeup‘s new product Lash Out mascara, I really wished that this mascara would end my journey for searching for a mascara which can show up my stupid thin and flat lashes. I have tried many products of this brand and no need to say that it has been one of my favorite brands as well but I’d never used their mascara so I could only wish about its quality. Now the mascara is in my hand and I have tried it on my arrogant lashes & I’ll tell you about my own experience in my experience section.

What  Sleek Makeup says….

With it’s intense carbon black
formulation, Lash Out volumises and lengthens lashes to maximum
effect! The spiral nylon brush captures each and every lash, ensuring
that lashes are evenly coated with no signs of clumping.  The narrow
wand reaches in to inner corners for a precise and defined finish from
root to tip.

For best results hold the mascara wand
at the base of your lashes and wiggle the brush from side to side
pulling the brush through as you go.





Lash Out is packaged in a bright cerise pink box which looks beautiful. Inside the box we find the mascara packaged in a same bright pink tube that is thicker at the top than the bottom on

which a bold black graphical print is engraved.The bright pink packaging reminded me the Diana Of London’s mascara packaging but this tube is bigger than that.The tube is a very good size and trust me you never have to search out your mascara in the crowd of your cosmetics product because it’ll be impossible to miss this bright pink tube among them.

The Wand

I love the wand of this mascara. It’s housed inside the pink case is a natural fiber one,

The brush itself is slim but a bit long in length, being slim it made light work of grabbing and coating those tiny lashes at the inner corner of the eye and even of the smallest bottom lashes.

It’s made so expertly that t it allows me to control the amount of mascara I apply quite well and to coat every lash with ease.It’s neither over sized nor too small. It’s just perfect.



It’s deep black in shade.


The texture is just perfect for giving volume and length to the lashes. Neither too runny nor too thick.The consistency is superb and gives a beautiful effect to your lashes.

Lasting Power

It can last for about 8 to 9 hours easily without smudging, flaking or smearing.It has an amazing lasting power!!

In the mirror of my own experience

I have tried many mascaras and if you know me well and are my regular readers then you must be aware of the fact that I’m not blessed with long and curly lashes. My poor lashes are thin and completely flat which even an eye curler fails to lengthen them or make them turn up ..hehe..aren’t they so arrogant? I never found a mascara which could make my lashes happy, some succeeded to give them volume but  not the length.The only mascara which had made me happy was the Movie Magic Mascara from Diana Of London.I was sure about Sleek Makeup’ Lash Out mascara’s quality but only on the basis of my previous experiences with this brand,  but after using it on my lashes, one thing is clear in my mind & that is that my journey to find out a phenomenal mascara for my arrogant lashes has now ended. I was amazed, yes, amazed to see my own lashes.Hey they were showing up after applying just one coat. The mascara claims to give length and add volume to the eyelashes in one stroke with a dose of extreme pigment and after using it on my lashes I can say that it’s completely true. It has given great volume and length in just a coat. I didn’t apply the other coat because I was happy at the effect of one coat. The wand is so amazing that it can control to all the lashes even the smallest one  too. It also separates my lashes beautifully. If you apply the other coat, you can find a dramatic effect like false lashes but the best thing is that it doesn’t clump your lashes at all. At the same time they feel very light weighted also.I’m very very happy to find out such a wonderful mascara.

Good points

Beautiful bright pink packaging.
Perfect brush which works wonders who are not blessed with long lashes.
The formula is not too wet nor too dry, just in the middle of the two.
The mascara is really black.
Gives lashes amazing volume and length.
Only one coat is enough to get a beautiful look.
Two or three coats will give you a dramatic effect as if you have worn false lashes.
The mascara feels so light weighted.
It doesn’t clump your lashes.
Gets applied very neatly due to the wonderful brush.
The lasting power is superb.
Do i need to to say anything about the price?

Bad points

Just one complain, why didn’t Sleek makeup launch this before :p


God, I’m completely amazed and impressed with this mascara. It’s like a gift for all makeup lovers. I have written everything about this mascara. Finally I have found the magical mascara which has blessed my lashes too.  The search has now stopped until unless I find another mascara which is even better than this one.




Yes, yes, yes, of course I recommend it to all my readers!!


You can purchase this mascara from Sleek Makeup website and on the all counters where Sleek Makeup products are available.

Disclaimer– Product sent by PR. Opinions expressed are 100% honest & original.