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Hi everyone,
After my previous shopping experience from wholesale dress net, I was as impressed by their quality and price that I decided to shop from there again. As you know that winter has gone and the beautiful spring arrived everywhere but being a valley, in my city the weather was still slightly cold till the past week. You can call it as pink winter so I wanted a jacket of cotton fabric which I can wear in this condition so I selected this beautiful pink jacket & a gorgeous retro style ring. My package arrived so quickly by JCEX mail with a safe packaging. The packaging was so neat and well that I didn’t even had iron it. The jacket has proved to be so useful in this weather so today I’m writing a quick review for my readers.

Fashion Korean Style Bow Tie Belted Wind-jacket Pink

It’s a cotton fabric Korean style tie belted wind jacket which you can use in the light cold weather.


Detail size of design




US$ 12.60

The color

very light Pink in color..looks very pretty!!!



In the mirror of my own experience

When I opened the package

I was blissfully surprised to see the quality of the fabric.
It was well textured and felt so soft. I noticed that the design was exactly
same as I saw in the picture of the website. The stitching was very nice. Inside
the jacket you can see the soft polka dots printed silky cloth. The only problem
which I should mention was that the shoulder fitting was a bit broad. Though I had picked
the medium size but I didn’t find the details about shoulder fitting. I’m not
very expert in online shopping so may be it was my fault somewhere so I’m not complaining
them. But I want to warn you that before purchasing you should do clear
everything about your product, you choose. Apart from this, I didn’t get any
bad point in my jacket. The fabric quality, the stitches the design everything
is in high quality. I really love its stylish design.

Good points

The jacket is very stylish and comfortable.   
Despite of being cotton fabric, It is quite warm and can worn in light winters.  
Very nicely stitched. 
The silky fabric inside the jacket is very soft and of high quality  .  
Apart from the shoulder’s fitting the rest of fitting is great.
Easy to buy!
To see the quality the cost is really very reasonable.

Bad points

I got nothing bad in this jacket. As far as the shoulder fitting is concerned, it’s due to lack of my experience of online shopping because it was clear in the size detail that the bust is 92 and I didn’t notice this before my selection.


I’m very happy with my shopping from this website and this jacket has proved to be so useful in such condition of weather in my city. Many friends and relatives have asked me about this jacket and everyone praised it’s design & quality!It is stitched very well in a very stylish way. The fabric is used in a very high quality which makes it gorgeous. After a light ironing you can see the sheer in the fabric. Even the silky fabric which is used inside the jacket is extremely soft. I’m really impressed with the quality of this jacket and to see the price it’s like a steal.




I highly recommend it to my readers and friends because I never got a jacket with such high quality at this price. The only thing you should remember is read carefully about the measurements and then order.


You can get this jacket on  wholesale dress net.