Embrace of cashmere Loose Glitter Pigment- The Perfect one….

Rouge Bunny Rouge recently released Beyond the Looking Glass, a collection that is based on lightness and dimension. This collection includes two Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigments– Embrace of Cashmere and Caress of Mink. Both are now quite popular among the makeup lovers because both shades can give an elegance to your makeup look. You have read my review about Caress of Mink. Today I’m reviewing the second one shade Embrace of Cashmere.

Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigments

Embrace of Cashmere

Embrace of Cashmere is a light soft neutral gold shade pigment which looks like a part of the other shade Caress of Mink.

What  Rouge Bunny Rouge says….

 We were inspired to recreate their zingy pigments for you as the Fire
Drops range. Adorning yourself with this fiery lava dust will gift you
with the playful mischief of a fluttering firefly and the intense
brightness of the blossoms’ luminescent shades.

The formula
contains a super high percentage of pearl, which will grant your eyes a
marvellous shine and luminosity but with a weightless feel. We added
Sodium PCA, a natural moisturiser that maintains the water balance of
the skin, makes the texture soft and elastic and the application creamy
and easy. A sponge-tipped wand enclosed in a practical bottle will
safely keep the pigment inside and let it out only when you want it.


1.8 gm


£ 24.00


The packaging is elegant and beautiful. You have read about it before but again I want to describe it. Comes in a black packaging which is full of white flowers design. Inside the package, the transparent container designed with black subtle flower design with black cap. After opening the cap, we find the sponge tipped applicator the, the most important part of the packaging.


(+/-): CI 77891, MICA, CI 77007, CI 77400, CI 77510, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 16035, CI 19140, CI 42090, CI 75470, CI
77000, CI 77163, CI 77266, CI 77288, CI 77289, CI 77742, CI 77947, CI 77491


RBR pigments are available in 6 shades & this one is a new launched shade. It is slightly dull gold with soft shimmers in it. The best gold pigment i’ve ever tried!!!

Texture & pigmentation

The texture is similar to that of a cream shadow, very buttery & smooth. It’s well pigmented & the shimmers in it are not too loud, just perfect to give you a gorgeous look!

In the mirror of my own experience

Golden is the color which can give an elegancy to
everything. A touch of gold with any shade makes the thing stylish and
beautiful. But a dull gold shade is the finest shade among the all gold shades.
I’m almost passionate about this shade as a result I have collected a lot of
things of this shade like clutches, dresses, hairpins, lipstick,  bronzers and yes of course many eye shadows
too. But parenthetically I have never got the similar pigment like Embrace of
Cashmere in my pigment collection. There is something unique   in this pigment. You can recognize its
uniqueness only after using it yourself. The texture is tremendously soft and
silky and in fact it feels as such when you apply it on your lids with the applicator.
The applicator makes this pigment incredibly special from the other pigments
because it doesn’t let the products be wasted, it takes out just required
amount of product you need for applying. After applying the pigment, I keep the
applicator inside the jar and blend it with my eye brush. In this way, you don’t
waste the product at all. Due to the soft texture, it blends superbly and gives
a dazzling effect to your eyes. You can mix it with any other shade but one
thing you have to remember is that the quality of the other shadow to which you’re
going to mix together with it, should be the same because if the other one is
ordinary, you’ll never get the effect, you have expected. I have done the same
mistake and regretted that after the result but the next time I mixed it with the RBR’s
other pigment and that matching was as elegant as I expected from it.

Good points

No fall out.
The shade decorates your eyes with it’s light shimmers.
Gives you a sun-kissed glow if used on the cheek bones.
The lasting power is great just like caress of Mink.
The packaging & applicator prevent the pigment from getting wasted.
Well pigmented & you don’t even need a primer underneath.
The quantity is enough to last long!

Bad points

I didn’t find any fault in this pigment!!


After testing it from every angle, I have reached to this
conclusion that the Embrace of Cashmere is the pigment which must be in every
makeup lover’s makeup drawer. You hardly ever find such a quality in a pigment because
RBR has not compromised from any side, from the packaging to the texture,
pigmentation; lasting power everything is fabulous so it’s a brilliant product
and that’s why that it has become so popular just after its launching date. 




As I’ve mentioned earlier it’s a must have for every makeup lover!!!!


Available online on RBR website or Zuneta.com

An experiment with RBR Embrace of Cashmere

I fell in love with this pigment to such an extent that I decided
to do an experiment with it. Actually I wanted to touch this gold pigment on
every part of my face and even on my nails too. So at first I applied it on my
eye lids as a shadow mixing it with the other pigment. After that I gave a
light touch of it on my cheek bones too. Now I wanted to see it on my lips,but how? Then I took out a small amount of my colorless lip gloss,
took a bit of pigment and mixed them together, then applied that mixture on my
lips…I used the same trick with the nail paint too, mixed the pigment with a
transparent nail paint and applied that on my nails. Hey you can see the effect
of that experiment…


I hope you liked the review & my experiment. If you want to get a chance to win this amazing pigment by RBR, enter my Rouge Bunny rouge giveaway- HERE 

Disclaimer– Product sent by PR. Opinions expressed are 100% honest & original.