Rouge Bunny Rouge Deliquesce Make-up Melt Cleanser- review, photos

Rouge Bunny Rouge is one of the most favorite brand, no doubt about this fact. I have used many of their cosmetic products and always found them superb but I never tried their skincare range. I’d heard a lot about it so a desire to try something out of this was natural. I thought many times to purchase their moisturizer from but I honestly admit that two reasons always hesitated me, first its high price and second I didn’t know about RBR skin care range quality because only a brand’s name never satisfies me. I’m happy that RBR gave me a chance to tryout this cleanser from their skincare range.Today I’m going to write about my own experience with this cleanser.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Deliquesce Make-up Melt Cleanser

RBR Deliquesce Makeup Melt Cleanser is a cleanser balm which is especially effective for a normal to dry skin tones. In winter, when ordinary cleansers don’t work properly and the skin needs more moisture. cleanser balm works very well. A soft muslin cloth is provided with the cleanser which is very useful in cleansing the face.

The muslin cloth 

The muslin cloth which is provided with this cleanser is great. The muslin is of very high quality and its softness is really superb.

What Rouge Bunny Rouge says….

To ensure the artists, tired from their ritual, can regain their equilibrium and natural looks, their bodies and faces are imbued with a potion of tremendous power, as soon as they leave the stage. The potion dissolves and washes away all traces of colour and emotion; their faces are transformed, refreshed and nurtured back to perfect suppleness.We were inspired by the wild ability of this transformative potion to bring you Deliquesce Make-up Melt Cleanser.

This luxuriously rich and creamy balm melts like butter with the warmth of your skin; add warm water to swiftly transform the butter into a heavenly milky sap that dissolves even waterproof make-up without a trace, while nourishing and pampering your face. Use a delicate muslin cloth, wrapped around your hand, to sweep away all impurities, cleanse and gently tone, leaving your skin angelically resplendent.

Loaded with active ingredients, our tantalising formula will relieve discomfort associated with dehydration and enhance your skin’s natural glow.

Cacao Butter offers excellent moisturising and smoothing properties for a soft, velvety appearance. Meadowfoam Seed Oil is an outstanding moisturiser and anti-oxidant, helping to prevent moisture loss and boost your true radiance.

Inspired by aromatherapy and enriched with an essential oil mixture of Chamomile, Clove, Eucalyptus and Lavender, our Make-up Melt Cleanser will not only improve your skin’s suppleness and softness but also revitalises and leaves you with a sensuous and soothing feeling.

Chamomile calms the skin with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-depressant effects.

Clove adds stimulating and aphrodisiac qualities. Eucalyptus is anti-bacterial, balsamic and antiseptic. Lavender provides soothing, anti-inflammatory, refreshing and antiseptic effects, and also acts on the nervous system as an extraordinary mind refresher, restoring your inner balance, strength and vitality.

Complete relaxation and enjoyment with a stunning cleansing and polishing result; what Deliquesce does and how it does it is pure enchantment…


50 gm


£ 46.80


The packaging proves itself to be a luxury product. Everything is so pretty. The white packaging box is full of beautiful black flowers drawn. Inside the box the cleanser comes in a smokey glass jar with a black shining cap. Apart from this you find a soft white muslin cloth wrapped in plastic in the box.

The Muslin Cloth

 Most of you would have used the Liz Earle‘s muslin cloth with their cleansing and polishing which I love but some found the muslin cloth a bit rough. I always used that gently so didn’t get this problem but when I saw the RBR muslin cloth, I knew what is the real softness of a muslin. The cloth is extremely soft and smooth and after wetting in the water, it becomes more soft,just perfect for your skin. You can use it as you like because the softness of the cloth will always please your skin!




This cleanser has a fondant-like texture and is extremely good for facial massage; the rich texture allows you to work your skin and muscles without rubbing.

How to apply

Use RBR’s Make-up Melt Cleanser for your daily cleansing routine, massaging onto dry skin with your fingertips. Remove with a warm, damp muslin cloth.
This gentle balm is suitable for all skin types, morning and evening cleansing and especially great for eye make-up removal. The formula is non-irritating and rinses completely, you can even forgo post-cleansing toner or astringent routine if you have dry skin. For dedicated indulgence leave the Cleanser on for an extra couple of minutes and breathe in the delicious scent, before using the hot muslin cloth to cover your whole face and neck area. Repeat the application of the hot muslin cloth a couple of times before gently removing the excess and finishing with a cold cloth to close pores and leave your skin luxuriously fresh.
Some useful tips
While massaging your face and neck with our Make-up Melt Cleanser move your fingertips in gentle, upwards circular movements to increase blood circulation and reveal your natural glow.

Use as part of a home facial for a true pampering lymphatic drainage massage. Follow the instructions in leaflet for an immediate result massage in just a few easy steps.

In the mirror of my own experience

Using a cleanser balm is not new for me. I had been using Shahnaz Hussain’s Shacleanse which was quite effective for normal to dry skin but the only problem with that cleanser was its texture which was quite thick and that became more thicker in the winters which I didn’t like. I have used many good cleansers which come in the form of cream and lotions but never found any in balm’s form. When I opened the packaging box, I was impressed as always with the luxury packaging which I have described above. After opening the cap I found that texture of it as some kind of hybrid between a cleansing oil and a cream. That was rich but not thick at all. It spreads on the skin very smoothly. Light fragrance makes the application pleasant and if you are feeling tired, your mind starts to get refreshed due to the lovely smell. I apply it all over my face and neck. A small quantity of product covers my face and neck. Then I give a light massage to my face and neck and it feels very relaxing to massage with this cleanser. After massage, I dip the the muslin cloth in warm water, squeeze the cloth and then remove the cleanser from all over my face and neck. Now I dip again in the water, squeeze again and remove once again. I feel really fresh and relaxed. I never need to apply my regular moisturizer even after cleaning my face because it makes my face completely soft and smooth. I don’t use this cleanser regularly because it’s so costly & the quantity is less so you can use it once in a week like me.I am using the RBR cleanser as a weekly treatment for my skin. First cleanse then massage and believe me that’s a very relaxing treatment.I have used it only 4 or 5 times but I noticed an amazing difference in my skin. No dryness at all even in this dry weather. Sometimes when you are badly exhausted, your skin wants some special treatment and my RBR cleanser has proved a miracle for that moment. It’s really very effective but  the only problem is the price. If you can afford, nothing is better than this. But if you can’t…OHH..only a SIGH…!!!

Good points

Classic elegant packaging which makes it a really luxurious product.
The texture is thick but not too thick.
Lovely light fragrance
A small amount of product can cover the whole face and neck.
Spreads very easily.
The muslin cloth is very soft which gives comfort to the skin.
After removing the cleanser, my skin feels soft and silky.
I don’t need to apply my regular moisturizer after it.
Whenever I give treatment with this cleanser to my skin at night, I got my skin baby soft and pulpy next morning which I really love.
The natural beneficial ingredients make this really useful.
It removes the makeup very easily but I rarely use it for removing my makeup.

Bad points

The amount is not particularly generous for the price.
If you have an oily skin, it can be rich for your skin so it’s not for oily and greasy skin.


 I used their skincare product for first time and I’m in love with this cleanser. It cleans my skin very deeply, makes it soft and pulpy. I really love the effect the next morning when I have used it at night. I can’t dare to use regularly due to its price but I’m really happy using it once a week. My skin feels pleasure after getting this really special treatment.So it’s very impressive and effective cleanser and I really love it and wish it was a bit less costly.


I would have given it full but the only minus point is the high cost so- 4.25/5


I’ll recommend it to my readers that if you have dry skin, try it and use it like me, trust me it’ll be a good investment of money for your skin and if you can afford it, it’s really for you.


This Cleanser can be purchased from Rouge Bunny Rouge website and from

Disclaimer– Product sent by PR. Opinions expressed are 100% honest & original.

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