Wings Shape design retro style ring from review, photos

Hey everyone,

A few weeks back, i had shared my shopping experience from! I really love that website, so couldn’t resist myself from getting back & buying some more stuff!

Today I’m gonna show you a beautiful ring which I recently added in my accessories collection!

Wings Shape design retro style ring 





US$ 0.65


The two feather design with tiny diamond like stones looks very pretty. The color is that of a rusted metal or rather like that of brass which gives it an antique look! The band is adjustable so being a bit loose in my finger, I adjusted it accordingly.

In the mirror of my own experience

I’m not very fond of big designed rings in my fingers but I wanted to try once, apart from that, the design of two feathers with white stones attracted me a lot so I couldn’t stop myself from purchasing this ring which is very reasonable in price. If the price is less, you can experiment with your fashion habits because if you think that the product you have bought, is not matching with your personality, you can stop using it and try out something else. But if the thing does match with your personality, you get a new way of fashion to follow so I think there’s nothing bad to keep trying out new things. Isn’t it? After purchasing the ring, I was excited to see in my finger soon and I got it too very soon and I was so pleased to see that the ring was looking exactly same as I saw in the picture of website. The material is not bad to see the price. The design and shade is unique, I can wear it with any outfit both Indian or western.The band is not as strong as the design of ring but there is no fear of it breaking. It was looking great! Everyone told me that it was looking lovely in my hands so I’m happy to do get this. has countless of beautiful designed rings and I want to buy more of these in the future.



I’m very happy about the design and quality. The most important thing is that the product looks exactly same as  in the picture. So I have decided to buy more accessories from to try out. They have such beautiful collection of accessories.They use good mail services so the things reach you quickly & safely.

So I’m impressed with this website again.





If you are fond of new and exciting designed accessories then this place is excellent for you. You can experiment with your fashion accessories from time to time at a very less cost.



Check it out: HERE