Black Suede Pumps from

As you all know these days, I have been loving online shopping from different websites. I’m very happy that  there are many great websites have started in India too and after many experience I always shop my skincare products and other necessary stuff from these websites but when it comes to shop dresses and other fashion accessories, India just has a few such websites and which unfortunately are too costly for shopping. Actually a girl always likes doing experiments with her fashion accessories and clothing, she always searches for such a place where everything’s not only of latest fashion but also available at a reasonable price, & if quality of products are good, it’ll be a bonus for her. I’m very happy that I have found such a place which has all the mentioned qualities i.e.

This time I bought some shoes from there, I was worried about this shopping because this is my first
chance to buy a footwear online. But after I tried on both pairs I’m very happy with my shopping!!

Diamonds Embellished Fashion Pumps-Black




US$ 8.65


velvety black in color with a small strip of tiny diamonds attached on one side of both.



Heel height

5 cm

In the mirror of my own experience

As you know that purchasing a shoe or wedges online always a risky game because a tiny difference in the size can make your purchasing useless and as far as I’m concerned, it was just my first chance so I was a bit worried about the size. Though I did a small homework for the size but still a fear remained in my mind of my shopping going useless. I was expecting at least a week’s time for my stuff to reach but it came so quickly that I was surprised to see the package so early at my doorstep! Anyways, I was talking about the size, when I opened the package, the shoes were kept very carefully in a plastic packet wrapped with soft plastic wrappers. When I wore the shoes, I was happily surprised to notice that the size was exactly what I wear! That’s actually very lucky of me :p


Lookwise,  it’s extremely gorgeous <3 Gives a beautiful, sexy look with an elegant touch!!! Can be worn with several outfit as it’s black. The diamonds embellished add to the beauty of the pump!! I love black with you??


The pump is so comfortable you can practically bounce in these.
They fit pretty true to size.I can walk very easily in these, making this pair perfect for me this summer. There isn’t any part of the shoe that hurts my foot.I wore it two or three times for going outside and it felt very comfortable for my foot. In the starting, it seemed a bit tight but after walking for sometime, it became perfectly fit. So it’s a very comfortable pump.


Finally I’m very happy with my shopping, the pump is exactly like I saw in the picture, black with diamond piece. The size is completely perfect in my foot. The pump is not only pretty in look wise but also very comfortable. I never felt any part hurting my foot. Very easy for walking. I have decided to buy some more shoes and pumps from Because they have wonderful collection of shoes and the prices are quite reasonable. I would love to purchase some more shoes there.




I’ll recommend to my readers and friends to check their lovely collection from here. The only caution you have to keep in mind is that give your order of the shoes of right size.  It’ll be really amazing experience to shop from such a fantastic website.