Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Mascara – Review, photos & EOTD

I have used many many brands of mascaras but only few have proved useful for my lashes, if it is asked from me about the best among them, I’ll take the name of Sleek Makeup Lash out Mascara without any hesitation because it’s the first mascara which has proved completely perfect for my lashes. When Too Faced Asked me to review their Better Than False Lashes Mascara, I was really thrilled to try it out and write a review for my readers because I always has been asking to more reviews of this  brand. I’m happy to write it today.

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Mascara

The Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System is a three step
lash extension system that uses nylon lash fibers to give the look of
false lashes to the natural lash.

What Too Faced says…

Finally an alternative to false lashes, lash extensions & traditional mascaras. Our exclusive flexistrech nylon fibers melt into the activating mascara to stretch & hold their shape resulting in the most outrageous, flirtiest lashes possible in just 3 simple steps!


Activating Mascara
9 ml
Nylon Fibers
0.8 g



How to use

Now, the way this works is a bit different from what you have been using till now, but is actually quite simple. The fibers are not
suspended in a wet primer, like Revlon mascara. They are loose and dry inside the tube. They can’t stick on their own,
so they need something to stick to, and that would be step one, the
Activating Mascara Base & Top Coat. It’s not difficult at all.

In the mirror of my own experience

When I first saw this mascara,I thought it would be like Revlon mascara, in which First you have to apply the white primer on the lashes and then the mascara. In fact I thought that the Nylon Fibers would be a liquid primer but when I checked it finally, I was surprised to see the dry Nylon fibers. The whole processes of this system looked quite interesting and after using it, I was really really impressed.


The system comes in a shining black box with beautiful
golden design border all around the box including the brand and product name.The
front flap of the box lifts open to reveal the products, presented beautifully
in a black velvet tray. Underneath the front flap, where a detailed set of
instructions is given. Flip the box over to see a little more information on
the product and a list of ingredients.

steps to use card
The black tray

Activated Mascara

Activated mascara comes in a beautiful golden tube with the same color cap.

Nylon lash Fibers

Nylon Lash Fibers comes in a small white tube with a golden cap.


Activated Mascara wand

The Activating Mascara Base & Top Coat is a black
mascara and comes with a thin, stiff-bristled mascara wand. It’s very fine and
helpful at separating and defining the individual lashes. This is quite similar
to the original Too Faced Lash Injection.

Nylon lash Fibers wand

The Nylon Lash Fibers are little loose strands
of nylon fiber. They’re very thin, light and delicate, almost like a tube full of
very thin cotton or spider webs. The applicator is a tight reel brush.


The texture of Activating Mascara is a bit thick so it dries quickly but it doesn’t make my eyes messy at all and gets applied very easily. The Nylon Lash Fibers has a completely dry texture.Firstly I thought it’s a primer but I was completely shocked when I opened the tube and it
looked as though the wand was covered in a cotton-y web! I really couldn’t know
what was the purpose of that, it’s really a new experience for me.


I was surprised to see how easy it was to use this system. When
I saw it had 2 parts I thought the whole process was going to be complicated.  I was worried that the nylon fibers would get clumpy or
the primer/seal would just cream over the fibers but this was so effortless for
me, after using the three steps, I had to realize that it’s great fun using it. Trust me,
after Sleek Makeup Lash Out Mascara, I fell in love with this system again.


If you know me well, you would be aware that how thin and useless lashes I have and most of the mascaras have completely failed to give a noticeable volume and length to my arrogant lashes.Just a few high quality mascaras have given a satisfactory result to me but I’m completely happy to see its effect on my lashes. I have no word to describe its magic, it’s really wonderful to see my lashes in this shape which I never saw. You can see the effect on my lashes in the picture but trust me, the pictures couldn’t justify the real effect, In real my lashes were more long and lengthy and I was just amazed to see my own lashes.It’s just first time I have used it and learned many things which will be helpful for next time.But I would want to discuss with you a few things.

The most important thing which I want to share particularly with
you is  that when you apply the nylon
extension fibers start at the middle of your lash or tip of your lash, don’t go
root to tip. When I did root to tip application with the nylon fibers on my
short lashes I got some of the nylon fibers in my eye and it filled my eyes
with tears which was quite awful. The other thing which you can try that if you
want some more length and volume, apply one or two coats of nylon fibers more after finishing the whole
Never go for third coat as it will make your lashes very clumpy and the effect like Spicer’s legs like it made my short lashes.


How to remove

First, I thought that the removal of this mascara system is going to be tricky because it had an entirely different way to apply the mascara but after removing, I got to know that it’s very simple and easy. I always remove my mascara with almond oil, i take two three drops of almond oil on my palm and the apply gently on my lashes and eyes, then give a gentle massage to my eyes and lashes as well. It feels so relaxing and all my eye makeup goes very easily. I saw that all my mascara got removed after some stroke of massage. I repeated the oil massage only on my lashes just as precaution and every speck of mascara removed from my lashes so if you don’t use almond oil, you can use your eye makeup remover for removing the mascara. It’s really simple.

Good points

The packaging is
so elegant and pretty. The instructions given in the packaging is
completely clear and helpful.

The way of application process is quite easy and not tricky.

The fibers give crazy length and a little volume.

The wands of both Nylon Fibers and Activating mascara are
wonderfully designed and due to their well shapes, they get applied very neatly
without being messy.

It defines
my lashes very well but makes them clumpy.

The effect which the lashes obtain is incredible.

The most interesting thing is that the fibers can be used
with other mascara too.

 The amount of fibers
seems less (0.02 oz), but that’s really a ton of product since you use so
little of it each time. The fibers will last you ages after the mascara runs

It doesn’t flake
or smudge.

Two or three coats of nylon fibers will give you entirely a
dramatic look as if you have worn false lashes.
The mascara doesn’t feel heavy after applying.

The lasting power is excellent.

It doesn’t run or melt when you get it wet. Besides this, you don’t need a makeup remover to remove it. It removes easily with oil,
cleanser and even only warm water and pressure

 Bad points


 I found the
Activating Mascara very dry. I found it hard to get enough of it onto my lashes
to make the fibers stick; sometimes it’s not enough to cover the fibers completely
but the nice thing is that the noylon fibes can be used with other mascaras too
and I got even better result when I used my Sleek makeup Lashout mascara with
Nylon Fibers.

For the first time when I used the nylon fibers on my lashes, a
part of fiber went into my eyes and it irritated my eyes for some time so it
should be applied carefully.

The Lash extension system is a bit expensive at $35.

It gives great length but not much volume.

It clumps my lashes and made them like spider legs which i do not like but if you’re a skilled mascara user then you can avoid this problem.

It’s not available in India even can’t be bought online as Too faced does not ship to India 🙁


To be honest, It’s not as good as I expected from it. It gives a nice length and volume to my lashes but clumps them badly. I can’t say that that was entirely like a false lashes effect or better than false lashes but pretty similar to it. But yes, If I apply the nylon fibers two coats, it gives a dramatic effect to the lashes.




I’ll unquestionably recommend it to my lovey readers and friends but leave it on themselves to decide after seeing the result on my lashes that is it worth buying or not.


The Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash extension System is currently available at Sephora .

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