Boyfriend shirt from Denizen- OOTD

Ever tried on your hubby’s, boy friend’s, brother’s shirt?

And what did you feel after wearing them? Did you get any compliments from them?

Hahaha..are you confused with my silly question but I solve your confusion now…A few days  ago Denizen sent me a denim shirt from their Imran Khan range (I’m sure you would all aware about this particular range which has proved to be a big hit in the market. Anyways, the shirt is really fabulous which can be worn by both male and female.The only problem with me was the size of that shirt, when they asked me my size, I told them it was medium but after wearing it, I have to realize that that was not a female size so I should have chosen the small one, however, I wore the shirt and now I’m writing a quick review about that one.

Denizen Denim Shirt

It’s a  lovely denim blue shirt with white and red combination. The special thing of this shirt is the signature of Imran Khan which is stuck on back of shirt’s collar. 



Available in other sizes too


Not sure about the price

The color




In the mirror of my own experience

When I first saw that shirt my  first word was WOW, because the shirt was looking fabulous at the first sight. The denim fabric was of its highest quality. I felt its fine quality after seeing and touching the fabric. I always love high quality denim. If you see the stitching of shirt, you’ll surely be impressed by it. I wore it for a picnic in the morning and I felt so comfortable for whole day during the picnic. The only problem was the size which looked oversize but that was of course my fault. If I would have chosen small size that would have been perfect for me.  After wearing the whole day, I washed it in my washing machine and hardly found some wrinkles even I can set it with my hand and it’ll be prepare for wearing the next time.


I really love this shirt.This is the one of the most comfortable jeans I’ve owned!  They
are the perfect length for male body! I like the color, and the design. I’ll highly  recommend this range of Denizen to my hubby, brother, cousins and male friends. The quality, stitching  and design everything makes it is worth buying. Overall I’m completely impressed with this shirt and it’s quality.




I have already recommended it to all my friends and now to my readers too.


Available at all Denizen stores.